Joining reserves in lpool

Hey wondering if someone could help me out. I am currently a student in lpool UOTC and me and my friend are looking to become army reserve officers, however reading a few posts there seems little point just to have to sit behind a desk and do no real training just admin and courses? Also what are specialist units? Would people recommend going in the ranks rather than getting a commission.
Get in touch with AFCO liverpool. They will have all the details for all the different units in liverpool. Their are quite a few to choose from. RLC, Signals, Reme, Infantry, Medics. depending on what you want to get out of it depends on which one to join. Their is a lot of admin to do but you do go on the weekends away and with the new training plans now more time in the field training.


Give 208 Battery a call on 0151 727 4455
Go National if possible. Drill nights in 'most' local units consist of nothing more than parading then either being messed around for 2 hours in a poorly planning ad hoc lesson if you're lucky or doing sfa unless moving chairs counts as a good use of training time.
There's always C Sqn QOY in Chester if that's not too far from Murkeyside.

Tapped in morse code on the radiator.
59 Sig Sqn in Edge Lane.

Oh no, silly me. Doesn't exist any more.

55 Sig Sqn Deysbrook. Oh no, silly me, it became HQ Sqn, 33 Sig Regt. And Deysbrook became Tesco's.

OK, HQ(55) Sig Sqn, 33 Sig Regt, Huyton. Oh no, silly me, it became 33 Sig Sqn, 32 Sig Regt.

And it's in Huyton.

There's RE in Birkenhead, some trogs in Birkenhead, and as said, Yeomanry in Chester. And medics in Ellesmere (shithole) Port. And the Kingo's.

Since you can't join 80 (Cheshire Yeomanry) Sig Sqn in Chester any more (guess why? ;) ), I'd do something completely different and join the UAS at RAF Woodvale and have some fun in planes instead. Or the URNU and learn about boats, knots and painting things grey.
After spending a few years of sitting behind a desk in your day job (unless you get a crap degree and end up working a factor or something), you'll probably appreciate running around as a soldier rather than just doing more paperwork whilst wearing a uniform.


Don't commission until you are much older. There is no career management for anyone in the Reservists, you do it yourself. Once you have been an OC, you will probably move away from the better bits of being a Reservist, and be stuck behind a desk except for doing your MATTs. In the ranks, you should get to do soldiering for longer, and IMO the banter is better. If you enjoy AT, in general it is aimed at the junior ranks to help to develop them, rather than SNCO's and Offrs. Personally I think that all Offrs should spend a period of time in the ranks before being allowed to commission - it might help to avoid some of the more hair-brained plans.


RCMO? 26 years in the TA and I've yet to meet one, let alone have my career have my career managed by one. That's what comes of being a "Specialist", I suppose.
I've certainly met ours so I know he exists, although the expectation still appears to be that you'll manage your own.
Social worker and soldier at the weekends? Are you sure those two are entirely compatible?

I've had the misfortune to be involved with some social workers recently, and a less-military (but militant) group of people is hard to imagine.

I wish you luck, and hope you bring a sense of real world perspective to your new profession. Lord knows, it is needed.

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