Joining Reserve as Ex-Regular

I am an ex reg. I started the process, nearly 18 months ago, I still had to go through all the on-line rubbish, fill in the medical questionare, and have still not resigned on. I suspect that it may be quicker than if you were starting from fresh but it's not exactly quick. The paperwork is all based around initial joiners and there is no differentiation between them and re-joiners. when my medical questionare through up questions (old injuries recieved during my 20+ years in the regs) I had to get my doctor to sign a piece of paper stating that he had no knowledge of any of my previous injuries because I'd only joined the practice a couple of months before. I told them that, and that all my injuries were documented in my med docs, which apparently, they didn't have access to. Ultimately, you'll have to wade through a not fit for purpose system if you want to re-join.
For what it's worth I joined as a reserve with no previous regular experience and I found that I was stuck in the recruiting pipeline for nearly 12 months before I finally got a date for my TSC (A)

But... The feedback I received at ADSC is that myself and a few others who were stuck in the recruiting pipeline for months and months were now the minority and that Capita seem to have resolved most of the issued regarding delays to recruits.

Also, my unit believe that these delays are a thing of the past and that the new recruits they see coming through are being attested within 6-8 weeks of their first application.
Depends how long you have been out, I guess - did the lure of the £10k get to you?

I left the Regulars a couple of months back and, after a chat with my prospective AR Unit yesterday, it should be as easy as just finding my record on JPA and allocating me to a vacant PID. Sounds way too easy to be true, but the PSAO was very insistent...
I'd been out less than a year when this all started. I live near my old unit so popped in for a chat. They have a TA RCMO who was very positive. I thought that it'd just be a case of JPA transfer and that'd be it but no! I had to go through the online process and thats where it all ground to a halt. Still waiting now, but currently working in Malaysia so it'll all have to wait until I get back to UK (weekend before Army/Navy to follow up. I have a post waiting for me and some quals that mean both the regular and TA components of the regiment can't wait to get me back in green skin. If you're still in it's a lot easier.
Boredom between tasks for my new employer lured me but the promise of cash was also welcome.
Depends how long you have been out, I guess - did the lure of the £10k get to you?

I left the Regulars a couple of months back and, after a chat with my prospective AR Unit yesterday, it should be as easy as just finding my record on JPA and allocating me to a vacant PID. Sounds way too easy to be true, but the PSAO was very insistent...
On paper that is as easy as it should.

The only flaw your PSAO has is optimism. For example, have they found you JPA Record yet?
We have had two ex regs join us within the last few months, they pretty much came straight from Regular duty to Reserve, it was a transparent process as far as we (the recruiting team) could see.
if they join straight from regular service, then its a seemless transition. If, like me, you wait until after you've left (out 8 months) then you have to go through the whole process. I was told that capita had no access to my service record or med docs, still had to go for a medical and all the rest of the stuff. The longest delays have been after I sent away each set of paperwork, waiting for them to inform me of the next stage. 3 weeks after I'd done the medical, I got phone calls and emails at home asking me to call them so I could agree a date to do my medical! Theres not a lot of joined up thinking in the office I think, apparently, each of us has a folio with our progress through the process inside it. The people phoning me hadn't bothered to read it before they called.
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Thanks for all of your replies. I contacted NRC today and they said that they had sent me a Medical Questionnaire last week - I hadn't received anything. They then asked how long I had been out of Regular Service (7months) and they told me that I don't need to complete one. They are waiting for my Prior Service Check and if thats all ok (which it should be) then thats all.

I am sure that many have had mixed messages and done things perhaps they didn't need to. What I continue to do is constantly ring them and badger them for answers as you just get forgotten about!
i really hope that is the case mate because if thats the case, they may have sorted the system out but seriously, I wouldn't hold my breath. I was told all that as well, like I said I'd been out for 8 months when this process started but it all quickly backtracked and the whole circus started. Despite prior service checks I still had to go through it all again, medical, the lot. Even had to do the pre employment forms complete with referees ( I put down my old OC and RSM) and a security questionare despite the fact I had given them my defence vetting agancy reference number for my DV. Good luck.
In 1984 without JPA or crappy contractors we managed this.

Now with JPA and crappy contractors we can't even recruit someone who already has an army number. The head shed really have made us ******* shit........
And we had a reserve of 80,000 and no 5 month wait to transfer between f**king units.

"Their Brigades and Divisions need them in the field"

How the mighty have fallen.
I applied beginning of march (been out 4 months) and I was told I dont need a medical etc, I just recieved thebself declaration and emailed to them today, but ive just got to wait for interview at my ARU in Plymouth but I cant that untilnwe movemto Devon, onenquestion though when u go for yiur interview isnit formal?

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you should have done all this in the Regs before you popped smoke - just a paperwork exercise and you could have started Army Reserve service the day after the day after you left the Regular Army.
Micalee, I'd suggest go and see your local reserve unit, the TA way was always "we sort it out ourselves". If it's a good unit they will, if not move on and find one that does.
About to start the process of transferring myself.

Couple of questions my CoC couldn't answer at the time somebody may or may not be able to answer.

If transferring cap badges (corps to infantry), is it possible to get on a reserve phase 2 course, possibly last couple of weeks of the Summer Challenges they are running whilst still in the reg's so you'll be arriving at the receiving unit fully trained?

Do they still make you de kit as you were leaving to be re issued the kit by the TA unit? Saw this happen to a lad a couple of years ago even though he stated it made no sense, but since supposedly making the process more streamlined I wasn't sure if common sense had prevailed?

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