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Discussion in 'REME' started by nokk79, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. Hi

    Last year i completed a BEng Electronic degree but i gained a third and now i'm having trouble getting a job.
    I've been thinking about joing the REME as a tech but which tech trade is best? i'm also 27 years old not getting any younger and want a career, also does anyone know if i could skip basic traing as im a L/cpl in the T.A. Infantry?
  2. You really need to get yourself to a careers office!!
    I would suggest with 3 degrees (sounds like a cue for a song!!) you may want to think about a commision....not sure about the age rules though.
    Good luck.
  3. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I think you may have miss understodd that 'third' bit..;)

    But seriously you may want to try for a commission, though as you say you are a bit old, can't remember what the age limit at sandhurst was when I went, but it was high 20's.

    The other option I would suggest is the Navy, I think you can still join as an engineering petty officer without the boring bit of working your way up the's a bit of a wierd setup which i never understood.

    As the man says, get down to a careers office and ask there, they know all the options, and usually you will find all 3 services in one building.

  4. There is lots of info on tech trades if you look through this forum. Your age does not matter for either the Officer or OR routes and you can have a full career. You really need to visit you local ACIO who can give you some informed advice on which route you may be suited to. Once you are armed with which options are available to you come back and seek advice on specific trades.

    P.S. Unfortunately your two week TA basic training does not alow you to 'skip' regular 10-12 week basic training. Also if you were wondering, you will not be a LCpl when you join - Craftsman - same as everyone else (unless you go to Sandhurst) No doubt your skills will be an advantage though!
  5. Have known guys once they have finished basic training and gone on to SEE (trade school nokk79) with lesser quals than this not sit Basic Electronics in its traditional sense, and gone right through to an equipment course, have also known one or two go straight through to Tiffy courses having passed the relevant courses and boards in a one after the other fashion and been a staff sergeant in charge of a section in about 3 years, (Never found out how they got on though).

    You could always try the RAF they recruit engineering officers in certain disciplines (ground electronics/comms) upto about 37.

    Must say though have a minor problem with the I can't get a job in civvy street so I'll join up train of thought, may be barking up the wrong tree here and apologies if I am you may find that IF your 3rd was the result of a lack of application the Army is not the best place for you.

  6. Not sure if the option is still available but you can apply to attend a PAAB from the AFCO/ACIO. Ask the Recruiter to consult RIs (recruiting instructions). If it is available and you meet all the criteria then there is nothing lost in going for it. Be aware that if you pass you will be expected to complete all your military and trade courses before being loaded onto your tiffy course. I know one chap who has done it and went from crafty to tif in just over 3 years. It caused some difficulties for him until he found his feet as his first posting after the course saw him in charge of crafties how had done twice as long as him.
  7. I have a third and have been commissioned in REME for too long to remember. And I believe the cut-off for attending RMAS is 29, ie you must enter the academy no later than your 29th birthday. I suggest you get to the Careers Office and ask about the Regular Commissions Board (RCB). Have a stab at that first - if you pass then Bob's your uncle and if you don't then you can look at the alternatives. Time is tight though so get your arrse in gear.
  8. I'm at uni now, after serving as a Tom, and quite a few people here say they're going to join the Army if they don't know what they want to do. Hell, thats what I done, joined the Army because I didn't know what I wanted to do.
  9. Can't see the army turning away anybody with our manpower shortage.....personally I think I'd go RAF if I had the chance again!! lol
    Def sounds as if Engineering Officer is your sort of thing so forget about a commision in the corps of infantry.
    But if you notice evryone on here has the same advice......get your arrse to that careers office......NOW!!!
  10. I really must advise going 'Direct Entrant Tiffy' (if it still about). Admittedly I only met a couple whilst I was in, but they were without exception useless at both trade related and reank related subjects.

    As they had only ever been in Uni, they had no experience on the equipment other than the same equipment courses that we do. The difference is that we would work on the equipment and built on our knowledge. The DE tiffy's did not work on the equipment and so never learned further. They were then give Engineering Support they could give without heavy (and noticed) input from the soldiers in their section. Just like any other Tiffy really, but as a DE Tiffy, they were criticised for doing so.

    In Rank, they were despised by everyone in both the LAD/ Workshop AND the Regiment. They had no experience of coming up the ranks and military life and therefore were of little use in looking after their sections.

    I would suggest going for the RCB as an officer.
  11. Join the RAF. So get your fackin' skates on kiddo.
  12. A 3rd!!!! You wasted all that time and money on getting a 3rd! Don't even bother with us if you can't be bothered to push yourself, try the Sigs or the other services, what we want is top class quality officers who don't mind putting the effort in!