Joining REME TA

Hello I'm after some help if poss, I recently left the regs where I was a VMb (And yes I do swat to pi*s, it keeps it off my boots) and was wondering how I go about joining the TA as a VM.

I've read about going to see the unit you want to join but the LAD is part of 105 RA(V) but i'm finding it bloody hard cos there doesn't seem to be anything about the LAD.

Do I have to join a REME TA Battalion or should I just go down and speak to the lads in the RA's LAD???

Also will I have to go through all the application process?

Best thing to do is go along and speak to them.

If you have been out less than 3 years then there should be able to retain your old rank.

Frank, you just dont want to come and play with us do you?
IIRC you've only been out a few months so whatever unit you joined you should and I say should be able to waiver going to the RTC, but if you did it would be for assessment only! Sending you to us to play with would be a waste of your time and ours but ultimately it comes down to the unit you join, if they want send you to us they send you to us.

But we do need some one to be the brewbitch for the w/e :D
That's OK sound like u need a rest :D
True! I even get that wrong!

But the rest is more or less true
Holey moo poo I have to do every thing again to get into the TA 8O is there no way around this?

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