Joining REME as a VM

Hi I am currently joining the REME as a VM in march and wanted to find out a few things that I cant seem to find online.
First what is the promotion time scale roughly from private to lance, lance to corporal and corporal to Sergeant?
I've seen many time scales but related to other jobs within the army.
second is it better in a LAD rather then a battalion for promotion and also for action and way of life?
I want to get stuck in the action if and when I can but acquire promotion quickly as well being married with children.
thirdly for the artificer course I assume that only the cream of the crop will even be considered but what rank must you achieve before its even possible to be considered?
Lastly which is the better direction or have they now been combined?
  • Vehicle Mechanic A (VM(A)),
  • Vehicle Mechanic B (VM(B))
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It depends, next question.
I thought LADs were a thing of the past with all tradesmen being pulled back into Battalions?

That's a serious question by the way.
I don't know what its like now,but I expect LADs are still the preferred choice for most.but I don't see how you can choose?
I always liked a small unit being in a base workshop was just like being a civvy mechanic in a factory and 9 to 5 in camp.

as for A and B, well A is going to take you on tanks and B could take you anywhere dunno what happened to C that was plant.
there is a crossover of course as you would expect.

I was B and I still worked on everything from armour to motorcycles.
I often went out with the A mechs FRGs if they where short [they would ask me to go, once you prove yourself].

as for promotion lance jack just before or after class 1 though if there was a pattern we couldn't work it out

what ever you decide all the best to you

feel free to correct me if I am wrong in anything.
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I have been out for some time but an old adage probably still applies that REME were like manure, spread around it did a marvellous job but when there was a lot of it in one place it just became a pile of manure.

My least favourite postings were in REME workshop, 12 Inf in Osnabruck, I BR Corps in Bielefeld and the Base Workshop in Warminster.
I loved my time in Bielefeld the night life was superb
but then we did a lot of stuff from Belfast to Bavaria as well so not stuck in camp all the time the German mechs did most of the work anyway.

though I remember once they wanted to go on strike but didn't know how to do, dunno why they asked me what to do as I had never been on strike either I was only 18.
maybe it was because I was seeing one of their daughters and so was being very polite all the time.
if only they knew the full story...:)
Spend your younger years collecting badges if you want to end up as an eagle scout.

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