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Joining REME and pay structure

Hi all,
I'm currently looking at joining the army and looking at either aircraft, avionics or electronics tech. I have all the qualifications required and fitness levels.

Want I can't seem to find is the pay structure and promotion time scale (promotion isn't high on the list). Can anyone enlighten me as to how the pay structure works?

I understand in basic I'll be taking home around £700 but after that it becomes unclear.

Only asking as I have 3 kids and a wife to support and a hefty mortgage. So any enlightenment would help me plan finances before taking the plunge.
You start off with approx £14,900 during basic training in Pirbright for the first 14 weeks then go up to £18,300 for the next 18 months or so whilst doing your Apprenticeship (trade training). After two years you should then go up to between 21-23 K depending if you get your Lance Corporal after trade training. Not being a Tech myself it will depend on a number of factors including time lines to Class 1 but I believe you should go away around the 4-6 year point and If all goes well you should be on between 23-27K within that period (I may be corrected by current serving REME Techs. Main thing to think about is ensuring you can support your wife/kids and mortgage during the initial few months as your pay may not get to you on time .

I would expect that the Assessment officer will ask your CSM during the application process to get you to complete a debt/expediture form to see if your outgoings will be an issue during training.
Thanks for the reply. Exactly what I needed to know.

Finance wise my wife is a police officer of 10 years so we should be able to offset the drop in the first 14 weeks by selling the second car and a few other bits.

Do you know what the time scale for joining Reme is?

Old boy is ex Reme ASM and currently a civvy contractor at wattisham on the apaches. He says they're screaming for bodies to join.
Bit of a late reply but all the information @The_IRON said was correct apart from the promotion pay. As a tech and being supplement 3 trade this take the Lance Corporal wage to £26k ish after phase 2 and successful pnco.
Hope the application and phase 1 went well if you procedded

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