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Joining Regulars from T.A

Hi guys

Wondering if anyone had any advice about joining the Regs from the T.A?
Am a LCpl with 4 years experiance of which comprises a tour in Afghan and a year mobilised to a regular Regiment. I have various quals and many of them are regular courses as well as a few T.A ones.
As far as I can find out the only way in is to shed all previous knowledge experiance etc and go through the whole recruit process, possibly losing all my Quals along the way!
Thanks in advance!
I know it'll be a pain in the arse but if you just re do phase 1 and 2 its what, a half a year of your life? and you'll breeze it if you think you should be exempt from it. It'll be a good opportunity to learn the latest methods and get rid of any bad habits you've picked up


You need to get proper formal advice, rather than relying on hearsay. Get in touch (in writing) with the recruiters of whatever cap badge you want to join, and the unit that you did your year of mobilised service with. Make sure that you list all of your qualifications etc and op tour etc and say that you want now to transfer to a regular engagement. That way you will get a formal response.
Get in touch with chilwell they will be able to advise and will send out a pack containing information which will point both yourself and the ACIO in the right direction.

check your pm's
Im a Cpl and been in TA for 6 years and Op tour in Iraq. Was confirmed I would go straight to phs2 last year, however I have now been told I am going to phs1 in Nov, this is purley due to my Op tour being over 24months ago! I am staying as the same Capbadge and I am up to date with MATTS and done various attachments...but they don't care!!

I don't paticularly want to do it as my other half gets back in Nov so all in all we will be apart for 14 months...however I do agree with Holmzy as things do change and regular trg is far more intense than TA recruit trg, plus it will get you in the swing for phs 2!! Your Phys will improve also. I will be busted back to pte and lose a massive chunk of pay, but if you want it that bad, you will do it I guess.

Only Glasgow
Standing by to be corrected on this one... but I think it's possible to go into reg through the FTRS option which requires a refresher course at Chilwell and not starting over at Phase 1. I am aware or around 20 FTRS guys serving in Mercians and some have already now signed on to stay as regs after their FTRS time is served.
lewiscollins...yes this can also be done as my other half did this under an "s" type engagement some 12 years ago. I tried that route but was told no FTRS placements for my trade
To echo one of the posts above, the rules have changed over the past couple of years and you need to take advice. The rules have varied by time, capbadge and the various abilities (or lack of abilities) of the Adjts and staff involved. every guy or gal who has gone regular from the TA will have travelled a slighty different path.

ACIOs will have some information but the best way is to get yourself a 'sponsor', preferably the Adjt/CO of the unit you did the tour with. Every unit needs manpower and you are a known quantity, they will have the contacts and 'clout' at the APC. Trying it yourself through the ACIO will be long, frustrating and you will definitely end up on phase 1 day 1 at ITC.

Be realistic in your expectations, don't expect to keep your rank, avoid going to ITC etc, however, all your experience and leadership ability will shine through. if you go back to the unit you did your tour with, they will send you on a command course PDQ, so just bide your time. Your greater life experience and command ability will mean that you will catch up extremely quickly.

You need to get things rolling asap, age is against you as you are starting behind your peers, also, the crdibility of your tour decreases with time as personnalities move on.

Good Luck!
_holmzy_ said:
I know it'll be a pain in the arse but if you just re do phase 1 and 2 its what, a half a year of your life? and you'll breeze it if you think you should be exempt from it. It'll be a good opportunity to learn the latest methods and get rid of any bad habits you've picked up
6 months!? I wish! Depends on trade, mine is closer to two years in training! I personally thought basic was the best bit so far, made the best mates and have got loads of great memories.


stab_spr - check PM
I think your TA quals will reduce your time at Phase 2 training (if they are relevant to the capbadge you join), rather than reduce time spent in Phase 1.

Phase 1 is the building block and everyone needs to do it - your TA experience, even though attached to regulars at times, will be different.

I have known TA guys go through phase 1 with a wallet full of TA quals and we couldn't shorten their phase 1, just make phase 2 aware and seek dispensation for then. BUT as pointed out, it is probably capbadge/trade specific.

FTRS is not joining the Regulars permanently, it is Full Time Resevre Service, is normally for a fixed period (ie 2 years) and is job/appointment specific.

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