Joining Regular Army From TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by evo7scotsman, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. I am a Class 2 Vehicle Mechanic in the TA and I want to join the regular army.
    Do any of the Golden Hello things apply to me?
    Is there anything you can do in the TA that means you dont have to do basic training all over again?
    Cheers guys

  2. Good luck to you fella, I made the jump back in '99. If you love the TA you won't regret it!

    I went all the way through Basic with my Troop. Some Corps used to allow ex-TA to join after Week 5. I personally found it much better to start from the beginning and get to know the lads and lasses from scratch. If you were to start at later on, friendships are already formed, you have the measure of your DS and they know about you. If you were to turn up halfway through you'd be an unknown quantity and I get the feeling people would be a bit wary of you.

    Half the fun of Basic is the lads and lasses you'll meet and the friendships you'll strike up. Plus, you may risk the stigma of being "that TA bloke that turned up and never did all of Basic...."

    Doesn't really answer your question, but my two p's worth!...... You could always do an S type (FTRS?) engagement, but if you're young enough and want to make a full career of it, bite the bullet, accept you're going to be back at Day 1 Week 1, grit your teeth and enjoy!

  3. If you don't want the aggro of starting all over again you can try for an S Type engagement (normally 1 year) then opt to stay on. Your trade quals will be recognised but you might be asked to drop a rank. The Regs are desperate and you won't even have to ask. An S Type means leaving the TA and joining up as a Reg so the transfer over is simple paperwork if your unit admin is on the ball. I know of a few who have done this and have a very succesful career.
  4. Personally I would recommend starting from scratch. Why not speak to your PSI? If he is not REME, ask if your PSI can put you in touch with your nearest REME PSI, or the REME recruiting team.

    Best of luck with your future career :headbang:
  5. Start from scratch, OR...

    Build up some experience, either through mobilisations or FTRS engagements with regular units. If you're any good, they'll ask you to stay on.

    Being TA, it's experience that counts rather than training.
  6. "you've gotta ask yourself one thing...Do you feel lucky...PUNK?

    Well, do'ya?"
  7. Mark, you nutter, of course he feels lucky! :thumleft:
  8. Hi, just tagging on this message rather than start a new thread. are there any age restrictions on making the jump from t.a. to reg.? Just curious incase i thought about it.
  9. I believe the regs are now recruiting up to 33 if thats any help
  10. If you mobilise you can start applying whilst at RTMC (if you get through). A few of my guys did this. But FFS tell your parent unit or it may go all Pete Tong :thumright:

    Happy Camping
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    I worked with a JNCO who had gone to a regular Bn from the TA on S Type and then stayed on. Despite him being a very capable section commander, snidey comments were still made by some people nearly 10 years later. Those that finished their S Type and then started at Depot on day 1 never had the same comments.

    If you have time on your side, go back and do the whole thing again. You will be well prepared for it, and no-one will have anything to hold against you in the future.

    I know that nothing should be held against you, but it will be by some - it is just human nature.


  12. Evo7scotsman

    The points made by the Duke are absolutely correct. If you want to be a Regular soldier go through the same process that all other Regular soldiers go through. The time, content and experience of doing Phase 1 and Phase 2 training will benefit you no end. You will make friends and understand what everyone else has been through. If you back door it into the Army through TA service you will forever be explaining it and others may use it against you. During training and the first few years of your career you should try to fit in, not stand out.

    Make your life easy and go to the recruiting office.
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    personally I would do an S Type to check that you like it and then volunteer to stay. Going back to basic, if you are any good, is just wasting your time. Do you really need to know how to polish your boots with all your mates again?
  14. I'm thinking of going back to the Regs.

    I joined but left half way through my trade training (PVRed) due to serveral issues out of the Army. 6 months later I joined the TA and completed trade training hoping that would satisfy my green craving but now Ive put my name forward for FTRS and mobilisation yet nothing has come up so I'm thinking of going back in.

    Now my question is would I have to do basic and trade again?
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You are right, you don't have to but it might be worth it. Think of 6 months within the context of how long a career you want. If you only want a short period (3 or 4 years) of fun, go for it and ignore the jibes. Want a full career? My opinion is that you would be better to sacrifice 6 months in order to avoid any form of prejudice by starting afresh. no one can accuse you of shortcuts then.