joining regs through Afghan

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by pmcmichael92, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. I've been told theres a three year waiting list to get into the regs and have been told if i go to afghan i wont have to wait. Im thinking of transferring to 2 Royal Irish to get out quicker then going to 1 Royal Irish. Is this a good idea? I've already my TA training done but its just with my current unit i'll be waiting a while yet before i can get to Afghan.
  2. Some TA soldiers have been offered this in the past but if I was you I wouldnt be focussed too much on this route as there is no guarantee you will get the chance to transfer to Regs during an Op tour, especially with the SDR being released shortly.
  3. There is a TA soldier out here with me now, Infantry cap badged and wanting to transfer to full time Inf. It has eventually come through for him during this tour, but he has had an absolute nightmare getting it. He started the process prior to deploying, and now that the RIP dates are looming close he has only just made any headway- That is with occasionally skipping the CoC, too, calling Glasgow directly.
    It can be done, and most likely more easy if you are a member of the TA unit capbadged to that you wish to transfer to, but as The Iron says, I wouldn't bank your future on it- Anything can come up to block you.
  4. iron is it true theres a 3 year waiting list in to the regulars?
  5. No...definately not...people are still be loaded on start dates for different CEGs, get a good A grade and you can be allocated straight away in some cases.
  6. cheers iron.which regiments are taking on still as ive put in for rifles but iam willing to go were theres places.aslong as its not scots or welsh regiment.
  7. Being a re-enlister it depends what your 203 says but I would presume you can only go Rifles now speaking to your own recruiter about it as they will have all the details on your 203.