Joining Regs from the TA

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Kingojosh93, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. Just a quick one ladies and gents, I've filled out an online application for service in the Regular infantry, however I came across a problem on the site an was told to speak to the careers office. I did and was told that because I'm in the TA I need my commanding officers reccomendation for service in the regulars.

    Now the only Problem
    I'm having is that because the regs are cutting back and he needs more bods in our centre, well put simply the CO will not give me a letter of reccomendation.

    And as such I am wondering about whether or not I could use another email and just not state my current service in the TA and get away with it?
  2. No as all applications Tri service and reserve go on TRHJ and it will flag up that you have a duplicate record.....I would also be calling your Integrity into question. As it says you need the letter from your CO to go with your 203.
  3. Ok mate thanks anyway
  4. I think the only other option would be to leave the TA and then join the regs but I'm not sure if that's possible. The_IRON will probably clarify.
  5. Have you actually asked your CO and he's refused or are you just assuming he will? If you've asked and hes refused then hes either being a massive cock or he doesnt think you can cut it. Are you going from scratch or trying to transfer over?

    One of my Sappers just back from a Herrick tour is looking to go reg and has been told that while they'd be more than happy to take him with the way things are with redundancies, vacancies and waiting lists he needs to apply from stage one of walking into a recruiting office.

    That being the case why not just sign off TA and start the regular recruitment process.
  6. Yes I have asked and frankly it's not that I'm not cut out for it as I love soldiering. His reasons were purely down to regular vacancies being reduced.

    So what your saying is that if I leave the TA then I can apply from scratch and won't need the reccomendation?
  7. I think so but don't quote me on it. You'll need someone to clarify it for certainty.
  8. And if you were leaving to work overseas, at B+Q or go away to study what would his excuse be then ?
  9. Ok thanks I'll look that up tommorow at the careers office.
  10. If you leave the TA you're a civvy and can do what you want. Your CO should be only too aware that TA soldiers can and will vote with their feet so the situation as you describe it is very odd indeed. If you leave and apply for regular service you'll be in the same boat as anyone else walking into the careers office off the street except that your previous service records will be available. If youve got decent SJARS then I cant forsee any problems.

    All that said, I'm not a recruiter so either PM THE_IRON or ask at the recruiting office for the gen.
  11. Subdance,

    Thanks for the advice, I'm going to the recruitment office Monday morning as I have t had chance yet.

    I can see what you mean an it makes a lot of sense. Thanks :)
  12. I can't believe your CO would refuse you a letter. I'd want his reasons in writing and then I'd take it further.

    Let's get this straight, he's refusing to facilitate your move to the regular army because of retention figures????

    I'm sure that is neither a valid reason nor an appropriate judgement call.
  13. Mr Snakey,

    The CO has literally put it down to retention figures telling me that there is the possibility of expanding the company into 2 centres. As such he wants to keep hold of as many trained bods such as myself in order to keep the numbers up.
  14. So he'll obstruct your career progression.

    Sounds bonkers mate. One army & so on. Bonkers.
  15. I'm currently TA and I've sorted all my bumf for the Regs. I'm away to Pirbright the 10th Sept.
    Speak to your local office, they are a wealth of info.

    Concerning the letter of recommendation you don't need the CO to do it, just an officer of good standing and has good knowledge of yourself. Try your OC of the det, or PSAO like I did.