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Hi - I've been serving for 6 years in the New Zealand army as a field engineer. Had plenty of good times etc but I've still not been on any trips overseas mainly because our labour government isn't too keen on sending many people overseas - getting deployed is a rarity. I'm seriously looking at joining the Brit army and hopefully getting a few trips. Had a good look on the army website and its pretty informative but when I emailed recruiters specific Q's they were pretty lazy and just sent me cut and paste info I'd already read on the website. Far as I can tell I can apply as a commonwealth citizen from NZ but its a complicated process and I need sponsors in UK. I'm thinking it would be easier to just fly over there with a working holiday visa, see the recruiters in person and find myself a job for a few months while the selection process happens. I'm guessing I'll probably not keep my rank. Possibly even have to go back to basic training but that doesn't worry me. I'm looking at coming over about March or April 09 after leaving NZ army.

Couple of questions for anyone who is serving or recently served in RE:
How long did the selection process take from when you applied to when your application was accepted?
Do you decide what RE trade you want to do before you join, or after some time with the engineers, or do they decide for you?

Any other advice would be appreciated
I started my application process in January and I start basic on the 22nd of September as a carpenter in the RE. You choose 3 jobs after you have done a simple barb test, which is done at the interview stage. You decide what you want to do. However, you do need appropriate qualifications, but this can be easily got around.

The Army online is a good starting point, or international call it.

You pick your trade before you go. The Corps has a great way of changing its mind, however and re-assigning you if certain trades are suddenly deemed full. Or conversly if others are very empty.

This is often during Phase 1 or 2 training.

Good luck, quite like the idea of doing the reverse actually.
normally you fill a vacancy for a specific trade when recruited, as Det said, they can change their mind, however so can you as long as you haven't started your trade course, this will delay course loading and your trade course will be delayed, meaning so will your trade pay.

you will have to start from scratch with basic training, even qualified British TA soldiers going into the regular Army have to, that will put you on an even keel with everyone else........ and you may learn something! :roll:

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