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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by sapper88, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm hoping to join the RE soon. I've been to the careers office and done my barb test and passed fine.

    I'm thinking of joining as an Electrician but I was just wondering, for those who have been on tour, what's it like out in Afghan or wherever you've been posted.

    Do you tend to stay in the bases doing your trade? or do you go on patrols aswell?

    I think the path i'll try and go is to join onto the Para Regiment although I know i'm going to have to train hard for this. - Would this mean more patrols? and how long before you can try and join the specialist engineers?

    Any information would be really grateful,

  2. It doesn't mean more patrols in the paras, just more training involving patrols.

    I'm in Afghan right now, my regiment has built alot of FOBS on this tour, seen alot of action and members have been attached to infantry. The paras who will replace us will do the same tour. The role will the same, engineer support, weather it's in bastion, at a fob, or out with the infantry, go to paras and spend weekends runing up and down hills with bergans on, or go to a normal sqn and get pissed at the weekend and do the same thing on tour.
  3. Ah right OK, thanks.

    So Engineers will get posted to different Infantry units and end up on patrols with them?

    Like I said I'm only thinking about eventually applying for the Para's because i'd be so chuffed to get my jump wings.

    Cheers though, good info.

    Can anyone else add onto it?
  4. Patrols arn't somthing to look forward too if the oppertunity came along, there long, ardous, cold, or boiling and quite scary with IED threat. Alot of the time, the taliban attack the fobs, and who's ever at the fob stands too and jumps on a GPMG. It all depends on your trade, squadron role and where you are at the time.
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Have a good read through the Corps web pages on the links in the sticky section above. Whatever your trade you will do both combat and trade work. That balance will vary a lot depending on where you are serving, and what opa are on at the time.

    I wouldn't get obsessed with "patrolling". As a combat engineer in a close support squadron (which is where you are more than likely to end up if you are a sparky), you will get plenty of opportunity to be bombed, shot at, mined, live in crappy places, eating ration packs for weeks on end etc etc. Believe me the novely wears off. But then as a Sapper you will have a decent trade, in a great Corps.

    When do you join? :D
  6. What trade are you NT?
  7. Gods trade... Sigs!!!.... :oops: