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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Fozza, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. i was speaking to a 6 1/2 year lance corporal last night who just happened to of taken up the trade i was going to go for. (fitter general)
    However, he said to me that since he finished training he has not touched his trade work whatsoever and that as a general fitter he has missed out on some of the opportunities different trades have had.

    Is this the case for most trades within the RE. If so, what duties do you carry out day to day if not your trade :?

    Any help would be much appeciated as i have my first interview on April 14th and now i'm no longer dead cert on what i want to do; however i am looking at carpenter and joiner!


  2. Fozza,

    This is indeed the case for the most of Corps at the moment, you just have to look at current operations to see why. If you look back 10 years ago the Corps was very much trade orientated, with ops in the Balkans, NI etc. Dont get me wrong there are still times when you can use your trade, for example going to exercises out in Kenya, Cyprus etc but these sadly are less frequent now.

    I cant speak for fitters gens, but Im a Bricklayer, and the last time i layed a brick was in Bosnia 2001. Just some advice from a personal prespective, if you are joining the Corps for just the trade, then you are doing the wrong thing, and the REME would be more suitable. Most of the Corps for the moment is very much combat engr focussed,

    Any other question then PM me by all means
  3. Have a set goal in your mind before your interview, they will try and push you into certain trades that are short of blokes. I have spent the last 2 years outside the corps with another unit, and i can honestly say the Royal Engineers reputation is second to none and you will not regret joining a better bunch of Blokes (and some ladies), I would give my right arm to be a Sapper again with the opputunities out there.
  4. whereas myself on the other hand have spent the last 3 years doing nothing but my trade really and this includd having to grizz it for a few months in the crown plaza and the hilton in oman....a few jollies else where in the world and a good bit of time in shit sandy places..every week's a new one!!

    not gonna lie though here it seems the same people are always doing their trade and always deploying and the same faces are left in camp...the only problem with the Corps is that it is soooo diverse and so needed in all aspects of life that rarely 2 people have the same careers
  5. mate go with your heart & not your head, if you really want to be a wood butcher go for it but there are far better trades/more use in civ div out there.

    if you were bright enough to get fitter does that also mean that you could be apply to be a sparks/plumber/fridge mech or perhaps one of the handbag trades????

    always keep one eye on civ div as we all end up back there one day & having a trade to fall back on is always advisable.

    choose wisely fozza.

    good luck.


  6. Sage words indeed, exactly why I went armoured. :p
  7. Or you could pick a trade that you will be doing at home and on tour and become a Planty best trade in the Corp
  8. thanks to everyone for the help, tis much appreciated. Interview in 3 days, cannot wait!
  9. What's the Corp :?