Joining questions


I'm currently thinking on joining up. I'm 30yrs old, pretty fit and keen to join.


I am right eye dominant, it's near perfect but as I said it pretty much disables my left eye when both are open because of it's dominance. My left is poor but could be corrected I guess.

Basically whats my chances??
It depends how poor, and whether glasses or contacts can correct it enough. There are minimum standards for uncorrected and corrected vision - but the right eye is more critical.
Not sure, I only know what I went through, so whatever I say is from very limited experience.

I think you'll be fine with those corrections, but it is dependant on your choice of trade, and also what you're uncorrected readings are. The only sensible thing to do is submit the forms and go along to the medical. They are the people who know the answers.
Best bet is to go along to a recruiting office and find out for certain. What's the worst that can happen?

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