Joining Question - Medical


I would appreciate some help before I go ahead and join up.

I've been to see a few local units and going to see one in York which sounds good, the 53MI Coy (V).

I used to have eczema when I was a child and since got rid of it. Went to doctors 2 years ago on the getting some moisturising cream from a very small patch of dry skin after a skiing trip while I was still a student. Even though this wasn't eczema I imagine a doctor could pick it up as the previous skin condition. It's never been severe, never on my hands, never needed secondary care etc.. I've read the JSP 346 and as much other information as I can but unsure what happens after it.

Hopefully this wont be an issue, but if this is a problem would there be a chance that there would be permanent disqualification or would it be a deferral and what would the chances be of each? Also would there be a chance of appeal if any of these decisions were made?

I wouldn't want to do anything that could lead to a permanent ban if it means just waiting a year or two and trying where by then I would not have any history of dry skin what so ever.

Also is there any difference in the medical for TA/Regular army and for Officer/Soldier?

Thanks for any help on this,


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