Joining QARANC as an RMN at 29, any advice?


So after year's of deliberation and finally having no ties (left the unsupporting ex) I've applied to QARANC.
I've got a years post qualified experience, I don't fancy waiting until 2 years to go in as an Officer. Rationale being that I'd rather gain some Army experience first before attempting to do so. I'm a work my way up sort of gal.

Had my first interview and awaiting my date to the Assessment Centre. My fitness is at its peak so not concerned about the fitness test (although I do worry the medical will find something I'm yet to know about).
What I'd like to know if someone could be so kind as to tell me is some information about the panel after the Assessment Centre, what they ask etc. As I'm aware that people get declined at this point without feedback, appears very "hush hush".

Also any RMN's out there who would like to tell me of their experiences, I'm currently working on a PICU and I'm aware I will not be working with any acutely unwell clients. However the prospect of becoming a CBT, EMDR practitioner out ways this for me personally.

Also wondered if there would be opportunity for me to do my RGN training?

Will be speaking to QARANC as well over the coming weeks with any questions I suddenly think of but thought I'd try fishing on here to.

Any and all tips and experiences welcome!

As someone who has been recently through the recruitment and training pipeline. I would recommend the following in preparation for Interviews.

1. Quick skim over the Francis Report and the most recent publication on Cholchester.

2. If you can read up on the Defence Medical Services to demonstrate an awareness of what you are joining up to.

3. General look over what's happening in nursing news/current affairs and you should be more than well prepared.

Good luck!

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