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Just a simple question, possibly a stupid one.

When I originally decided to join the army back in late 2008 I had my mind set on joining the infantry with PWRR as I was living down in Surrey and really liked the look of the regiment.

Since then I have moved to Birmingham near family. Unfortunately My app was deferred but I can start again from 1st June. I have come under a lot of pressure from family to join the signals as I have an IT background (which I have considered at length) and that joining the infantry would be stupid and a waste.

Unfortunately for my family I do not hold the same views about joining the infantry, I have had a nice long deferral to think about and I feel it would be somthing I would really enjoy and want to do ( compared to IT which I can do but is now boring me senseless )

So, after making you read the above useless info all I want to know is whether would be any issue trying to join PWRR now I live in Brum?
Nope none what so ever, you may find your recruiter trys to steer you towards your new 'local' regiment but stick to your guns and theres no reason you wont end up in the Tigers.

Recruiting areas are more guidelines and set out where the unit can actively recruit,i.e. you wont see a PWRR recruiting team in Brum.
None what so ever young man. State clearly whom you wish to join and not even the most enthusiastic Recruiting Sergeant can divert you from the path of rightiousness!!
many thanks GG, ill be following the path of righteousness all the way to the ACIO on 1st june. really interested in joining 1st Btn armoured inf and work with the warriors, cant wait to get the ball roling again!! :)


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The Glorious 1st of June. A fitting day to join PWRR. The old Regimental day of the Queen`s Royal Regiment (West Surrey) and Bn day of the 1st Bn The Queen`s Regt, (formerly Queen`s Royal Surrey Regt).
thanks for the history OPPO. on the subject of history and at the risk of sounding like a lazy c*nt, i have done a fair bit of reading on the reg for the ACIO interviews but if anyone has a link or two handy that might be useful to research it would be much appreciated!
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