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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by conure, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. Well, my selection will be coming up soon so hopefully I'll do pretty well (been exercising a lot..) I decided to join infantry over the engineers which i initially wanted to join..i was wondering, how do relationships generally fair when someone joins the infantry, I've been with my girlfriend for 4 years now and don't particularly want to see it fall apart due to the army, can a relationship survive with the stresses of the army?
  2. Hmmm.. depends on you and her... Not sure I can really answer this, havent had a relationship as serious as 4 years.. 4 weeks was my limit before I got bord...good choice of reg, 1 PWRR are in Germany now if you with them.
  3. Yeah I've done everything bar the medical exam thing, can't think of any reason I wont pass unless they refuse people for clicky knees :D

    Looking forward to it a fair bit, it will finance my love for motorcycles and show me a part of life I wouldn't have seen working in an office writing reports, so its all good..
  4. It all depends on the girl, and whether you can keep your dick in your pants.
    What does she think of you joining? That's your main combat indicator.
    If you're in Germany, it'll be pretty much just as difficult to see her as during your time in Catterick.
    My advice: Marry her or dump her :)
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  5. It's probably easier and cheaper to see your girlfriend from Padderborn - Air Berlin flights are much cheaper than railfares.
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone, its really appreciated, she's glad I'm going to join the army because it'll give me something to do, but I think deep down she isn't too keen. (how many girlfriends are keep for their boyfriends to join up?)

    She's going to be studying at cambridge when I'm in the army so we'll both be pretty busy, maybe I should just join with the age old saying of 'if it's meant to be, it'll be' in mind!
  7. A good choice of Regiment. Two Regular battalions and a Stab outfit means you can whiz around a big 'family' organisation and not have to swap capbadges every now and then. Been in the news recently courtesy of 1 PWRR's medal count after recent Op Telic trip. 2nd Bn out there now and will return to Tern Hill, Shropshire if you don't fancy Germany.

    Are you joining the Ranks or going for a commission?

    Girlfriends come and go. It's hard enough to hang on to a sodding wife let alone a bird with an awful amount of seperation that you WILL have to face up to.

    At your age, I'd think of yourself first. Get yourself in a job you're happy in and then think about how best to blow your beans on the weekend!

    I'm only sorry we don't have a Queen's Regiment anymore for you to join!
  8. Relationships are a lottery at the best of times, so I shoudnt worry about it too much, as you say "what will be will be!"
    Congratulations though on your choice of unit, they have proven themselves again recently. I'm sure you can help to continue a long and justifiably proud tradition.
  9. In all honesty, ask yourself, "do I trust her". If you have any doubts then bin her immediately. If not then she will be doing tag team humping with the local Civop and still expecting you to wine and dine her whilst on leave. The easiest way out would be to murder her with a claw hammer - problem solved and mucho respect from the hard type lags in nick.

    Decisions, decisions..................
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Buy extra body armour! Bullet magnet!
  11. but strangling her with her own knickers would get more tabloid coverage.
  12. but strangling her with her own knickers would get more tabloid coverage.

    Haha! maybe I should consider that!
    Yes I will be joining the ranks, lowest of the low I'd imagine :)
  13. Warning: Separation, distance between you and the lure of a cosy married quarter may lure you into a premature decision on marriage.
    I have experience on this subject.

    Excellent choice of regiment, best wishes to all tigers out there
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Tigers - it has to be. Best Infantry Regiment out there, and heirs to a very proud tradition of Infantry skills dating back hundreds of years.

    They're still a 'Family' Regiment, despite the best efforts of the power-that-be to stop all that as being 'unfashionable', and they still maintain a good presence in their recriting grounds in the SE of England and London.

    Join 'em and be proud, have a great time, and worry about the bint later :D
  15. As echoed before, depends on the girl

    You have the added problem with her being in Uni, mate of mine was TWICE done over by student girlfriends who get "lonely" and look for solice with her other likeminded student friends who "get" her, in the end they are just like any squaddie or youth, after one thing.

    The real test is when it comes to tours, I've had 3 "girlfriends" who did a runner the second the word tour reared its ugly head, one even called me when I got back too get together again, I mean how soft did she think I was ?

    Bitter ? Yes I admit it, in the end I did meet someone, who survived a tour with me and is now my wife and mother of my children