Joining process

I'm getting ready to apply for the TA and was wondering what the joining process was like i.e. medical, as in do they apply for your medical records, references, etc, etc.

Would be nice to know what happens from start to finish and if it's anything like joining the regulars.
Fill out the form they've given you.
They will sort the rest - might take a few weeks depending on your doctor.
Wait to here back for an RSW (Recruitment Selection Weekend) date. Nothing to worry about, a series of test and assesments.
Continue to do phase 1 training weekends.

Enjoy the ride. From my experience so far i've enjoyed it.

p.s. work on your running if you aren't very fit
You will be issued a series of forms by the recruiting office including an AFCO 4 and RG8. The AFCO 4 is the primary application form which you will be required to complete. The RG8 goes to your civi GP and is then returned to the unit you are joining and is usually the reason for any delay in your application, the sooner you get this back to your unit the sooner you can undergo selection. You will also be required to provide at least 1 reference and copies of your identification. If you have any issues speak to the recruiting staff when you next visit the TA Centre and they should be able to explain the process to you.

Since you are in Leeds you will undergo TA Selection at the RTC at Strensall (York). Your unit will transport you up there on the Friday night and on the Saturday morning you will have a military medical (your RG8 will have been sent up by your unit). Sunday will be a series of physical tests and a 1.5 mile run which you will be required to complete in under 15 minutes. Provided you pass these you should be ready for attestation at your unit on the Drill Night following selection.

Interested to know which of the Leeds units you will be joining as I may well be your friendly neighbourhood squadron clerk....