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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Troy.p, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. i am applying to join the R.A as a gunner but i have been on hold now for about 3 months because of my medical docs, my rectiuting sgt has told me just to wait i am getting a bit worried that there is a problem is this normal to take so long ?
  2. It takes time. Are the medical documents still with your Doctor or with with the Army Doctor?
  3. They wait until you post in this forum then they send the docs forward. Dont stress about it.
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  4. Some applications even take years if there's medical issues. If you really want to join then it wont be a problem - I waited almost 3 years to join myself due to medical issues. Use the time wisely to improve your fitness & research your job choice(s), you can never be too fit.
  5. Two weeks...............I'm not sure, who was more despirate. My piss pore spelling, should give a clue.
  6. Your recruiter told you to wait, so, wait.
  7. Im in the same sh1t with finding character references. Ive had some sent off but have heard no reply and this has been nearly 2 months.
  8. Well give them a ring, just not all the time
  9. broke a toe in 2008, didn't get in till november 2010 so have a bit of patience.
  10. If you haven't had a problem in the last 12-18 months you should be fine just pester your doctor like **** they'll soon get there arse in gear
  11. They've probably fucked you off for not having a witty signature on arrse.
  12. I was one of the lucky ones I reckon. My doctor took about 3 weeks if I remember correctly. You tried going in and giving him a bj? Clearly worked for me!
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  13. Ash you looking forward to the only medal your going to get?
  14. Jubilee? Won't get it mate, you have to be in for 5 years..
  15. Oh i thought HCav were getting them no matter how long you've been in.
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