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I have applied to join the TA last week, I was wondering, during the Application Process will the Army request or want a copy of my medical history?

Or when joining do they require my Doctor to sign a consent form?

In the old process, you would take an army medical to be filled in partly by you and your doctor. The new way however, you will do an online medical. If something they don't like crops up they will then send you a letter to take to your doctor to ask specifically about the thing(s) they didn't like. I think towards the end of the process they do the forms again as in the old process. Hope this helps :- )
When I applied and filled my medical forms in only at the beggining of this year I filled forms in not on the internet but the actual forms that I got from my unit, but then my cousin applied for officers in the regulars and filled the form out on the internet. But yes you will fill in sections your self then you will go into your gp or private doctor and fill the rest in, mainly so you can confirm certain areas of the form and for them to say yes its ok, then you will do a medical at the selection wgich isn't so bad its just the waiting. For me it took along time to get the medical forms filled because they didn't give me the right forms and then they were sent to glencourse and checked then back, so the medical form section is the longest

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