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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jawajockey, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. anyone got any HELPFULL tips for me as im hoping to join the paras,passed selection and now on my way to start phase 1.any last min things i can do to help me
  2. You have two ears and one mouth. Use them in that proportion.

    Work hard and be yourself.

    Look after your mates.

    Keep a smile on your face.

    Finally, always remember that the longest minute of your life is only sixty seconds. :wink:
  3. thanks alot,im chomping at the bit now!!!! been training since sept last year just hope ive done 1.5 mile time is pretty good but just tried a beep test and did terrible.but still got a few weeks to get it sorted,i dont supppose youd know the required level would you????
  4. all ive got given is a sheet of paper with a few basic exercises on it.helpfull as that is i just want to make sure im that little bit up on my game.the way i see it its better to get it from the horses mouth than a sheet of paper.but thanks for your input,much appriecated!!!!!!!
  5. ive kinda picked up on that ha ha.But then again for every 10 bits of piss taking someone comes up with abit of help.its how i see basic is guna be
  6. Lots of distance running to be honest, you are going to need it.

    I am very surprised you havent been given a fitness programme for Para, you normally get something along them lines issued at PRAC :)
  7. Don't worry about the beep test. It's for craphats. If you are good at running, that fitness will generally cross over to tabbing. As long as you have a set of balls and can keep going when the going gets tough you should be fine. You want to be the grey man in Depot Para. Don't gob off and get yourself noticed as you'll just get thrashed then maybe binned. If your soldiering skills are shite you'll also be binned or back-squadded to do it all again.
  8. since when did anybody need to pass bleep tests..
  9. Good bit of advice for anyone applying or going to P1.
  10. How would you know if you're not even in the army?
  11. Because like 99% of the gobby little civvy cnuts on this irritating fcuking forum, they're the font of all fcuking knowledge on a subject they no nothing about.
  12. Fuck! I can't believe i've been sussed out! :D
  13. thanks alot thats alot of help
  14. also im loving all the this a trate i must learn though basic or is it all just a natural thing
  15. What makes you think you will even have to do a bleep test ?