Joining on a suspended sentance question here!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Gixxerboy89, Jun 27, 2010.

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  1. :police:

    Hey Guys ( and Girls)

    Problerly going to get absolutely flamed here but here goes..

    I was in the process of joining the army (paras) just over a year ago when I got myself into a bit of bother and ended up in front of a judge! Sentace I recied was A suspended sentance for 18 months along with community service etc!

    The Army said I have to stop my application but can re-apply after my sentance is over ( Feb 2011)

    Thats fair enough anf I understand that! But....

    I am so keen to join and my P.O ( Probation Officer) said that since I have completed everything on my order except suspended sentance, we can go back to court and get my supervison dropped and get a conditional discharge! That will mean that I have completed everything except for the suspended sentance that can-not be revoked and I have to " ride that out".

    But with the conditional discharge and the courts being happy that I have satisfactory completed my other orders do you know if its possible to apply for the army now instead of waiting untill febuary?

    Im on top of my fitness at the moment (running 1.5 in 8>40) and would really like to join now.

    Any words of wisdom or advice will be greatly appreciated!

    I know of paras that have hbeen to prison etc and have still managed to join so I think theres hope still

    Thanks alot guys and thanks in advance for any help

  2. Obvious question, conviction was for what offenc{S}??
    When recruiting i came across dozens of people who that despite having criminal convictions felt they "deserved a free bee past the regulations, get real, serve out you punishment, we can choose from thousands of people who at the moment are viable candidates, you are NOT, ok you made mistakes, pay the price then come and try again in 2011.
  3. First things first - part one: good for you on being so keen.
    First things first - part two: what the hell did you do to get a suspended sentence?

    You might well have to wait until 2011 to carry on: the Army is at near full maning at the moment with a queue of eligible candidates without your issue so you're likely to be on the receiving end of a "no" from the AFCO for the moment.

    revmodes (above) has been a recruiter: I haven't. What I would say though, is this: keep up your fitness and keep that date in 2011 in your sights and aim for it.
  4. As a stop-gap, why not go for 4 Para (TA) they may be a bit more flexible?
  5. Problem is that unless he has got immaculate field drills (unlikely) he won't be up to CIC standards until December time. Does he really want to spend the next 6 months as a joe crow, possibly badging in December only to have to start again if he gets into Catterick for February next year...
  6. Thanks for response guys,

    Revmode your absolutely right and I feel that many recruiters have the same attitude as you which is as soon as they hear "conviction" they automatically have a negative view and say " well mate, were going to pick guys without convictions over you" and rightly so but still without a conviction I believe I would be a perfect candidate to join the armed forces and infantry at that.

    Conviction was for ABH which was in self defence and thats how the judge saw it aswell and thats why he gave me a suspended sentance instead of immediate custodial..

    Yes I regret that day and I am very ashamed about it but im not going to let that stop me and make that the end of my life!

    I think your right mentalist 2011 is when I wil have to wait but do you guys think of this.....

    Going on a parachute insight course to basically show my fitness, stamina and my dedication and eagerness to join so that I have that in my favour before applying and maybe have some positive feedback from the corporals there to show the recruiting officer etc? then when i disclose my conviction it may not be so much of a burden?

    Thanks for your help guys

  7. I cannot stress this enough. You will be in a world of hurt if you do not disclose the conviction both under Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (e.g., for military service I believe you've got to disclose everything, spent or othewise and if you don't disclose it the security clearanc bods will fnid it and you'll be in majotr trouble.
  8. Maybe I didnt write that clear enough sorry I am going to tell them, Im sure they run a criminal record check anyway.

    Does disclose not mean to tell them then?
  9. Yes, it does.

    There's a specific bit of the law called the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act that means if you're within a certain time since conviction you must disclose this (e.g., tell people if they ask).

    It should be noted however that unless someone can correct me I don't believe that MoD are exempt for RoA - meaning that even if you had a conviction when you were (say) 16 and you joined when you were 40, you'd still have to declare it.
  10. Just to clarify for you, the recruiter as an individual will not have a negative attitude towards any candidate who declares a conviction.
    Everbody makes mistakes ,fair enough, what they cannot do is process an application that will not merit further action outside of a particular timeframe, in your case 2011.
    Once your conviction is "spent" under the rehab of offenders act then re-apply on a level playing field with others.

    In the mean time as advised by others , maintain, indeed increase your fitness levels, keep out of trouble, if that means losing some of your present cronies do so, bad company leads to you getting involved??

    To impress/gain points at interviews dont be a tv/xbox, sat on my arse till i could join type guy ,get involved in maybe community sports clubs,run a marathon! anything that will make you more attractive to the recruiter( and his boss) GOOD LUCK :D
  11. Just my take on this but if 8:40 is the best you can do for the 1.5 miles and you want to be a para, spend the next year training hard to get it down. Sub 8 would be good.

    No I am not a para but, when I was a lot younger than I am now I could do it in 8 minutes in boots.
  12. Revmodes I totaly agree with what you are saying there about keeping motivated and not just sitting around.

    Im running in the British London 10k run in july on behalf of diabetes UK. Doing this for two reasons 1. I want to hopefully do the marathon next year and this is a way of helping that which will also look good for the army and 2. Im running to raise money for diabetes in aid of my friend who sadly passed away end of last year because she had diabetes.

    Yep 8.40 is nothing for a para but I do intend to get that down as much as I can.

    Thanks Guys
  13. 8:40 would be a decent enough time, but that would be if you could do that after the 3.5mile squadded run at things like PRAC.