Joining need some advise

Hello lads,
im 20 years old been stuck in an office job for 2 years and finally realised its not for me, god knows why its taken this long but ive decided to finally apply...first things first, the pay...its quite a drop in wages to join the army ill be losing about 8k a year, how quickly or if at all does the wage increase from a new recruit? Secondly, 1.5 mile run im stuggling if im brutally honest...10.37 is the best ive got and that was at the limits ive heard 10.30 is the time to hit, but if you dont hit this time is that your lot, or can other factors help e.g how you present your self in the interview, other physical tests? Thirdly, smoking? Does the army frown upon a 20 a day man at the moment, and with the current budget taking the
p!ss out of us smokers and drinkers it would be a good reason to give it up? Any reply's or advice would be welcomed. Cheers.
10:37 is fine you should be fine at the PSS(R) tests don't worry about it, just make the first step by going to the Recruiting office they will help you.
Cheers lads! Im going to cut down on the smoking and run more so both parts should hopefully cut the time down...
After the BARB test how long is it usually to go to selection? ive heard your doctor can delay the times but is that the length of time between BARB and sel?


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