Joining Millitary Intelligence

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by im_plan_b, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. I know theres been previous posts but many of which have swayed off topic.
    I want a very fresh, simple bunch of answers please :D

    dont send me armyjobs website links etc as i have already seen the official stuff.

    I want to know:

    *What do OPMI staff do? what does their daily routine of duties include?

    *is the pay rise in instant promotion to L.corpral after phase 2 and corpral after yea rin rank worth the training and office work?

    *If i joined im not going to be in a world of old men and online chess fanatics? (obviously i should expect some 'standards' and a difference to the guys in royal engineers etc haha)

    *It says you can specialise early on in the career, how accurate is that? your not pushed towards language etc, I could get into human intelligence or surveillence if i so desired?

    *If i didnt like working there or even if I struggled, how easy is the change from Millitary Intelligence to Infantry or REME?
    (if so would it be easier/better to start as REME or infantry and transfer to MI?)

    i dont want to be an admin bug, transfering 24/7 i want to make a long army career and stay in for the fun and training i have there, not to get paid loads, get a trade and bugger off to civvy street.... any serious help would be great and please pm me if you serve in any of those areas and have specific info or advice :D
  2. Once again, do you want me to hurt you, or look after you?
  3. If you get into human intelligence, you are pretty much a spy. If you're on ops you'll have to darken your own skin though, which is a drawback. Then again, the Secret extra pay for special soldiers should more than reimburse you.

    Source: The bloke at the AFCO
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  8. Exactly what it says on the tin, Operator Military Intelligence, routine duties range from photography of scantily clad ladies to first parading vauxhall corsas, interviewing gurkhas who travel to china, visiting remote ACF huts, sweeping leaves in the autumn.

    You shouldn't worry about the money, it's fair recompense for your duties

    Don't dare slag off your elders, some of us are vindictive in the extreme especially if your spelling and grammar are weak. First of all learn how to spell military. Standards are high, expect to not meet them on occasion.

    Fairly accurate, depends upon your maturity and potential; you certainly could get into HUMINT and CPS.

    Oh you needn't worry, if you're not up to it, you will soon be told so and assistance given to move on

    I suggest you read through all the threads again, there's so much information there.
  9. Again a `potential` recruit who has difficulty in typing the letter `i` in upper case when describing the First Person.

    I smell a rat :? or an Orangutan :p
  10. people like you worry about punctuation etc rather then the discussion or job in hand!
    instead of putting smiley faces and insults, why not try and use that big brain of yours to think of something useful and helpful, such as detailed information that will better my knowledge of the corps, the training, the lifestyle etc!
    and sorry minnesota viking, didnt mean "older" in that way i have huge respect for previous serving soldiers and any current serving ones, I jus mean I wouldnt want to be the odd one out, or looked down at or even not fit in socially, I know its a job but 4+ years of it there is going to have to be a good level of communication/social etc. didnt want to be the 'kid' if that makes sense, want to be part of the team, a good soldier and have a good time doing my job. so if anyone has insults and digs, please keep them to yourself unless you have good reason because i may not know everything about it, but thats why Im asking because i actually want to joing and make something of a career etc. thankyou for any serious inputs.
  11. why don't you go blow a goat. impertinent young whippersnapper.

    all the "detailed information" you need is on the army website, or has been posted on this forum already. suggest you get reading rather than being rude to people like M_V, who've been serving their country since long before you were born.

    just because you've suddenly decided you can't live without the int corps, you think everyone should drop what they're doing and scurry to do your bidding? :roll:

    anyone will tell you that my attitude towards newbies like you has mellowed considerably over recent months. so you might want to consider just how much of a knob you must seem, to get this reaction out of me.

    p.s. you sound like a right social leper. try going down the pub and talking to people.

    p.p.s. if this is you eye_spy, i hate you.
  12. why dont you try stop bein such a prick. jus shut up. the detailed informationg is NOT on the army website, only the basics. and Im not going to siv through 100's of pages of blogs and forums to find people like you swaying off topic so piss off and let me use the forum to address people that can help me and give useful info instead of being a right bellend. dont even reply, because i said im looking for info so i can make a career in the army not have online arguments with some dick trying look down to new recruits.
  13. What a very rude young man.
  14. in case you wonder why this is just about the only thread you've started which hasn't been locked by a mod...?

    that's because our mods are down the pub rather than on the net. they'll get round to you in a few weeks, don't worry :roll:

    put your crayons down and step away from the monitor.

    p.s. if you can't work out why the "detailed information" isn't on the website... i would suggest the intelligence corps - or even the army - is not for you. mlarrrrrrr.
  15. You seem upset. Did your dad not give you a "special hug" today?