Joining Medics with no previous experience?


Sorry for the blanket coverage, does anyone know if you are able to join the medics, in particular the CMT role, with no previous medical experience?

- I have done my basic first aid around 4 years ago and will be prepared to do a refresher and any other courses that "Red Cross" or "st johns ambulance" are currently running in order to refresh my memory.

Any advise is appreciated.

Thanks for the reply's guys!

Melon I take it you have done the role then, can I ask what you make of it, would you recommend it? If you would prefer to inbox me that's great.


The Mekon

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No need for an inbox . I enjoyed the variety , avoided medical centres and hospital postings as far as possible but don't forget that boredom and routine jobs are there too , Medical boxes need checking , APCs need servicing and tents.........oh god the tents !! Need drying out , checking etc . Joined Ambulance service when I left the Army .


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Aaaaarrrggh......the tents, the tents....thank your lucky stars that F assemblies are dead and gone!!!!!

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