Joining local regiments, or the bigger ones?

As I'm 16 in a few weeks and college is on the way soon I still have time to decide the regiment I'd like to join. I'm interested in infantry.

I've considered;
- Rifles, big regiment
- Mercian, only regiment that supports my area, it's local of course

I'm having a hard time making a rough decision on which regiment to go for. They all seem like perfectly good regiments to me and that's the problem, I'm not sure which one stands out more to me, or the reason why.

Rifles is big and Mercian is local. I know I have at least two years to decide yet but I'd like a few views from users on here first. Any help, or advice?

There seem's to be a rash of the same question lately i.e. Which regiment to join?
Don't kids go into an AFCO anymore, and whatever capbadge recruiting sergeant is, is what they end up as?
Join your local reg mate, mines rifles :)

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