Joining light dragoons :-)

Discussion in 'RAC' started by lightdragoons12, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. hi everyone, im joining the light dragoons and start my basic training on may the 13th the very last intake at atr bassingbourhe as its closing for a few years. anyway just wanted to ask a few questions ;

    1. any tips for basic training
    2. any serving light dragoons if so how is it and whats phase 2 like?
    3. i know the dragoons are going to afghanistan in april and obviously ill miss that tour, but will i get another chance to deploy or can i volunteer after my training?

    sorry about all the question just think this website will have the answers : cheers
  2. Lesson 1 never volunteer for anything
    Lesson 2 if your unsure what you are doing counts towards volunteering, refer to lesson 1
    Lesson 3 Your RSM is also your uman rights co-ordinator, and should be called upon to sort out any scenario where you think your uman rights are being infringed. Guard duty, litter patrol and army shirts are breaches of uman rights. You may think of others.
    You will soon realise that some regiments are better than others, this is often supported by arrse contributors, who favour their own mob etc.
    Just be aware that the RLC is número uno and everybody else are craphats
    Units such as Paras, Marines & the SAS are in fact abbreviations for the Army's baby-sitting service, and are there to man up any guard duty you don't want to do.
    These guys are drawn from the G1098 Stores, as and when you need them
    By the way you will be 342,457th guy on the balcony, don't forget that number, as the 342,456 guy will not be happy if you steal his thunder.
    Don't worry be happy
    I was the second man on the balcony
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  3. Lesson 4, put a :) on everything cuz the RSM tinks it iz well wiked blud.
  4. ok thanks for the reply i think lol
  5. Below are details regarding phase 2 training, these were given by a member of Staff at RAC Trg Regt Bovington to members of the RTR Association in 2009. I doubt much has changed.

    Mark gave a very good account of the phase 2 (trade training) programme at Bovington. Last month the guest speakers gave an overview of phase 2 training and then went into D&M training in detail, this month we got phase 2 training in more detail. The main points (as interpreted by the myself) are as follows, Having arrived from Bassingbourne and phase 1 training the recruits can expect to spend approximately 21 weeks at Bovington although this can vary, especially for recruits who already hold a full driving licence. They start with a 2-week conditioning period that includes Documentation, physical fitness including a PFT and bonding with the instructors. Each training team consists of a Lt, a Sgt. And 3 x Cpl’s who will oversee their batch of recruits.

    The next 3 weeks are taken up with learning to drive, (cars not tanks). After the theory test they get handed over to the BSM instructors who will then get them through their tests. At this point it may be prudent to inform residents of Poole to be wary if visiting Tesco’s at Tower Park at lunch time as a swarm of L plate cars descend on said location for refuelling, and I’m talking about the occupants not the cars!

    Once they are legal on the road they move on to the CIS school (formerly the RAC Signal School) for Bowman training. It seems that youngsters today find digital technology very easy and they pick up signals training easily. What would they make of Clansman or even Larkspur!
    Following signal training they will get a long weekend off. They can then expect a 2-week refresher period to ensure they have not forgotten what they learned at Bassingbourne in Phase 1 training. This period is likely to include adventure training as well.

    At this point some recruits will then go onto Gunnery training at Lulworth while others do D&M at Bovington. This will take about 6/7 weeks. Finally the last 2 weeks include fitness tests, first aid training, and Drugs/Alcohol awareness lectures (I nearly spilled my beer at this point)

    Mark pointed out that they do PT every day; the wastage rate is low, only about 5% fail to get through. Only a small percentage decides at this point that the army is not for them and PVR. He also mentioned that the age of recruit varies considerably, you would imagine that nearly all recruits are age 17/18, not so, the number in their 20’s is considerable, there are currently two men over age 30 doing their training right now. Mark stated that having 2 recruits who were older than him was a bit weird. You can now enlist up to age 35.
  6. wow thanks for that information i was told its 17 weeks at bovvington but thats probably whats changed, also the same thing you wrote having a drivers license helps alot wich i have :)

  7. any more info people would be great:)
  8. i also have another question :

    do the light dragoons see alot of action in afghan? i.e arethey a fighting force lots of contacts ect
  9. How's your ear Daniel?
  10. erm slightly lost with that one?
  11. The whole 'don't volunteer for anything' can rob you of some brilliant escapades.

    I 'volunteered' to do the admin at the Corp's ski meet in Bavaria - while it didn't amount to much more than standing at the bottom of a hill writing down times on a clipboard and freezing one's nuts off - it was a nice break from work and lots of beers were consumed.

    Next year, we had a new Captain in charge of the ski team and he had it on his notes that I had been attached to the ski meet and he asked me whether or not I'd like to be in the team. To cut a long story short, I got both the Army and Civvy quals for teaching in both Alpine & Nordic skiing, spent three seasons racing & teaching for the Corp everywhere from Norway, through France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and, of course, Germany. I still did my trade, worked hard at that and saw service at the pointy end once in a while.

    The only people that complained when I went off to do the AT work were the boring ***** that never volunteered for anything.

    Now I know, given the manpower requirements, it's less likely that there would be the freedom to do the above, but I bet there are some brilliant courses and experiences to be had but you'd have to volunteer for them...
  12. Currently we make up the largest component of herrick 16's BRF and 2 of the other sqns are going out on the ground , one with ANP and one mounted. Duty rumour is we might be on the last herrick in 18 months time after another go through batus when we get back from this tour. If we are and you arent too mince to deploy you will probably get a chance to scrap. Concentrate on getting through training first though eh?
  14. Aye. You'll probably tip up around the time we get back from POTL if youre starting training soon. Canada is on the cards next year so pay attention on D&M in phase 2 cause you;ll probably wind up driving.

    Make sure your fitness is up to snuff and phase one's a good laugh. Do what your told , when your told and if you fuck up fess up and take it on the chin. Its probably one of the best times you'll have in the army , although it might not feel like it at the time. Play the game and you'll be fine. Phase 2 was pretty pump waiting for courses, but that just depends on how many people are there at the time though.
  15. yea i start phase one training may 13th, so pass out 17th august. so should be in norfolk for november/december whats on in canada then mate, nice to know someone when i get in.