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Hi guys,

I'm 29 and considering a career in the army. I'm in the best shape I've ever been and am mentally strong so am not worried about selection although I'm sure it's tough. The problem is my circumstances. I'm married, have a young daughter and a mortgage to pay.

We have a good life and I know people will think I'm crazy but I've wanted to be in the army since I was a boy. I allowed myself to be talked out of it and enjoyed a lot of traveling working as a chef for the last ten years. But I've never shaken the feeling that I'm not doing what I should be doing.

My wife says she's ok with it but I'm sceptical. I was wondering if you guys had met other late joiners and what their experiences were like? My daughter is too young to be affected. (Not in school yet).

I also wondered about job roles. I'm a capable chef and have worked in some well respected restaurants but I'm looking to draw a line under that time in my life. Cooking lost its appeal to me a while back and I'd like to do something different. Joining and then being assigned to the kitchen would be torture.

Cheers guys.
Do it, you are personally and financially secure. Give it a go, if it's not for you, walk away. It's that easy. You'll still have all your stability to fall back on. I had a guy come to us out of training who was 34, so you won't be alone, age wise.
If it works out, get assigned somewhere nice, rent the house out and travel with your family. Pick something which will help you travel, so choose carefully. Good luck with it
Have a look here Army Role Finder

If the wage can cover your mortgage and support your family while you are in training, what have you got to lose? You always have a trade to fall back on if it doesn't work out.

Good Luck in whatever you decide.


I'm going to be 30 by the time I hit phase one and I am in similar circumstances, as long as you can manage through the initial training I wouldn't worry too much.

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