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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by FFMASTER, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Hi im currently signing up and have my interview on wednesday.. im not to worries about fitness as i havnt ran for more than 20 seconds in over a month and i just got 9 mins 28 secs on the 1.5 mile run this morning so im alright there...

    but the interview... :roll:

    do i need to wear a suit? because well i dont have any...

    what exactely will they be asking me? just general questions on what i should already know... or stuff that i will be stumped when they ask me them?

    when they say dress accordingly (a.k.a smart) and you dont have a suit, do you think polished boots, jet black jeans with a belt and a moderately nice top will suffice?
  2. Is this your first interview? (ie. before doing your barb test, etc.?)

    If this is just your very first, then it'll just be to go over what you're hoping to do in the army, and they will give you info booklets on the corps you're interested in, etc. They won't pull a 20 questions on you, so don't worry about that ;)

    As for clothes, first impressions count. So yes, polished black shoes, black trousers (such as the kind you would wear for school? Doesn't have to be Armani or anything), white shirt, unoffensive tie, and a jacket (or if you don't have one just do as I did and wear a smart black cardigan or top).

    Good luck :D
  3. If you don't have a suit at least get hold of a shirt and tie. And polish your shoes. Believe it or not they are making notes about you practically from day one that you walk into the recruitment office. If you can't then don't worry too much, at this stage they aren't worried about your appearance but if you walk in looking like a bag of shite it will be noted.

    The interview although seemingly quite informal is to assess you and what your looking for and whether your army material. They will ask you things like "Have you ever spent a extended length of time away from home" and "Have you ever shared a room" and things like that. They will also ask you if you have ever cooked for yourself or washed your own clothes. It's no big deal if you have never done these things but they will certainly make you aware that you will be expected to do these things for yourself in the army. They will also ask you things like what you like to do for leisure and relaxing and how active your lifestyle is. Then they will move onto your fitness and health in general terms.

    They will also give you the realities of army life and discuss what you want to do in the army and which part you wish to join. There is nothing "hard" about the questions (In the maths sense of hard), though there might be a few probing ones regarding yourself.

    Tips. Don't lie. Anything but brutal honesty will not do you any favours in the long run. This is particularly true for any debts you may have (People who have unmanageable amounts of debt are not permitted to join). And be confident.
  4. Ive not long had my interviews mate, yes you need to dress formally aka shirt ,pants, shoes and a jacket if you have one, as for the interviews dont worry. Mine was just like a friendly conversation just revise your job briefs. Youve done well on your 1.5 i can only do 11:30 mins lol but im joining house hold cavalry so i think im alrite for my running ive got to get 13 mins my cariers adviser told me any way good luck.
  5. ive had a sit down and discussion before but wasnt really interview stlye, but the sgt did say dress accordingly.. also kk ill whip out the polish now :)
  6. i had my interview y'day. the reasons he said i did well was cause i was relaxed and 'enjoyed' the interview.

    be fully prepared on your 3 job choices, as i even got tested. like wen ur bak at skl and the teacher hides the bit of paper. lol so yeh, read up on them!

    also, u shud really be as honest as possible. i told him that my run time was fine, but i was reallly struggling on my pull ups. so he put my selection bak 4 weeks. if i hadnt, he would have put me down for next wknd. and i would have been screwed!! x
  7. yeh i had mine this morning.. went well.. ( i think)

    im going on holiday in 2 weeks so i got booked onto a pre-ADSC for the 1 day so i know what to expect for the ADSC...

    then after my holiday prob have ADSC...

    i got asked from who i live with and how much housework i do to all of the jobs and that i do with my daily life...

    was honest and said all i knew of the army so far and he was quite pleased :)
  8. Yeh it's pretty much.. Education(Likes, dislikes, good grades young sir, were you well behaved), Life (Who do you live with.. are you happy, do you see your dad that's father to 23 children), Hobbies, interests and youth activities, and then your 3 job choices. Finally there's the confirmation "Any dates you can't attend" and then NEXT DAY IN THE POST YOU HAPPEN TO GET A RAIL WARRANT. Not always the case i'm led to believe :p.

  9. i got a pre-selection date for the 30th of april, then today just got a call saying i now have my Selection on the 1st=2nd of may, so i wont be dong the pre-selelection on the 30th...

    now im like :? i wont know what to expect, as im not that physically strong but i am fast on my feet. and i heared u have to carry 55kg on selection andi know i can only do a max of 50kg on the bench press butam comfortable with 30kg.

    anywho... yey 1-2nd may.. cant wait :roll:
  10. Just go to selection being confident......the fact is certainly for myself is I am shite at press up's don't know why........

    I've just struggled with them since school. (I'm 27 now) But when I HAVE to do them ie: At circuit training classes locally with other people doing it next to me I can manage 40 odd in a minute or so in great pain lol! But if I attempt to do them at home alone I've no chance!

    You cannot fail on pull ups either, so I don't know why you'd have been delayed 4 weeks unless you asked to be. The pull ups is a best effort assessment not a pass or fail.

    I believe that fitness wise with determination you can get through anything within reason! I will struggle with press ups but adrenalin will help!!! 8 weeks ago I couldn't run 100 metres without passing out but since deciding on the Army I've lost over 3 stone in weight and I am running 1.5 miles in 10.34. Stay focussed and you'll get through and pass any fitness requirement.
  11. Hi, just thought id reply to say woo i passed selection :D wasnt that bad really.. the physical strength tests are quite easy and the team tasks were the most fun :)

    now just got to phone up on tuesday to get a start date :d wooooooo
  12. oo well done mate :D
  13. Have'nt got a suite? PRIMARK! They do jackets for 20 quid, trousers for 8 & I'm sure you could find smart shoes for under 20. Honestly they look alright & unless youre a fasion geek you really cant tell the difference between a high end suite & budget one. I got a jacket, shirt tie & trousers for under 30 quid & the next day I landed a pretty good job. Although on my first day there the army call's me to arrange an interview :D . Anyway the point is these days looking the part dosent cost much :wink: GOOD LUCK!
  14. Failing primark, try tescos!
  15. Congrats! I can't wait to go to selection, sounds fun :D