Joining Intelligence Corps Army Reserve 2015


Having seen the out of date post here is the up to date version of joining the Intelligence Corps Army Reserve.

Apply on-line from the army website by filling in the online application. Even if you contact the unit directly this is the first place they will tell you to go and it gets the ball rolling as quickly as possible.

24-48 hours later you should receive an online medical questionnaire that you complete and return.

Your application is processed and if everything is ok, the unit is contacted and they invite you in for a chat/interview. At this they will give you a more in-depth medical form that you take to your GP.

If everything is ok they will produce a training and development plan and try to agree a date for generic army selection. The unit may then invite you to start attending phase -1 training or offer you a PDA, both of which prepare you for generic selection.

Next you attend selection at your nearest Army Development and Selection Centre (ADSC). Details of the tests etc are on the army website. If successful at this stage you can be attested, but this still depends upon your references and security checks being satisfactory.

You need at least 5 x GCSEs graded C or above but must include Maths and English.

Sometime during this you will also be invited to attend one of the Corps selection days. This can be right at the start or after you are attested or up until passing TSC(B) (see below) but if you are attested and don’t pass you’ll need to change cap badge.

This is called Tech Selection (not to be confused with Technical selection for engineering trades) Tech selection is to ensure that you have the mental capacity, logicial and analytical mind-set to do military intelligence work.

The actual tests aren’t widely advertised, but with a bit of work, and internet searching you can get the general gist. May be it is best that people aren’t coached as it is more of a test of aptitudes and motivations for intelligence work.

This applies to all new recruits and transferees, irrespective of rank. Exemptions apply to regular and ex-regular INT CORPS personnel who wish to join the Reserves.

Once attested you can start phase 1 training. This consists of two courses TSC(A) and TSC(B). TSC(A) is 4 weekends, on alternative weeks, at an army training unit or a 9 day condensed course. You pass this you then do TSC(B), two weeks continuous training. All this should qualify you for your first training bounty and at the moment you get extra money for being attested (£300) and passing TSC(A) and TSC(B) (£1000).

You are now a trained soldier and start training toward the OPMI3. You get another £1000 bonus at the moment for passing this.

It’s slightly different if you are still serving and looking to join when you leave, transferring unit or rejoining within 6 years of leaving previously. (Captia, may drive you round the twist, it is a test in patience and motivation)

All applicants need to be able to gain the UK security clearance known as Developed Vetting. As a guide, candidates must be have been resident within the UK for 10 years.

Specialisms include Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), Weapons Intelligence (WIS), Exploitation (EXP), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) and utilising language skills as Military Linguists.

Contact details

Feel free to add or amend any errors.

If you are thinking of joining, my advice is just go for it, worth the hard work.

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