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Hi I've decided to join the army at 28 and I'm considering operator military intelligence as my first choice, I know there's info on the army website but I was wondering if any one can answer these questions for me. Firstly what are the pros and cons of the job? What does phase 2 involve and what would I actually be doingin the role? Where would I likely be posted? Is the middle east a place I'd be going? Any info would be greatly appreciated, cheers guys
The Intelligence Corps (also known as the Int Corps) is one of the corps of the British Army. It is responsible for gathering, analysing and disseminating military intelligence and also for counter-intelligence and security.
If you cant work out if you would be visiting the mid east then really you should just stop right now.
It is possible that you will be sent to Afghanistan 17 days, 4 hours and 27 seconds after finishing at Chicksands.

That's not an assessment, I'm a fortune teller.
I thought the question "what are the pros and cons" would elicit more comments than the rather ingenuous "is the middle east a place I'd be going."

In your own time........
At least we have acknowledged your presence. The Royal Signals forum has given you a stiff ignoring.

By the way, don't join as an EW Sys Op.
Well thanks for your sterling help folks
All right. I'll bite.

Certain amount of independence in your work when you get to whatever section/HQ you'll be working in.
You get a stripe straight away
A fair amount of people in the forces will look up to you and (even) respect you (if you don't behave like a t*ss*r)
You get to play with some sexy kit (or at least the product of some sexy kit)
You get to liaise with and work with other very interesting units/organisations
Good to have on your CV for future employment

More responsibility at a lower rank than some other organisations
Chance of "cocking up" is more high profile
It ain't nine-to-five
A fair amount of people in the forces will look down on you and not respect you (especially if you behave like a t*ss*r)
You get blamed for not being able to predict the future
You have to wear a garish-coloured beret
You have to be a jack of all trades

There are other Pros and Cons available but I've got to take the dog out.
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