Joining Int corps: vetting period.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Strangelove, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Can anybody please give me the benefit of their experience and give me some indication of how long security vetting should take when applying to join the Int corps. I applied last June, 8 months ago,and am rejoining the army having previously served over 5 years in the REME. I have been told I have been accepted into the corps, subject to passing security vetting. I was given an SC/CTC questionnaire to complete in September, which I duly did, and then received a financial questionnaire in November, which I promptly completed and returned. I last spoke to the sgt at my ACIO in late December, 2 months ago, who rang the vetting agency and was told I was "being processed", and since then I have heard nothing. Is it normal for the application process to take this long, as 8 months seems to be stretching it a bit?!? Also, is there anybody I can appeal to for help if it seems like the vetting agency are mugging me or the stripey at the ACIO off? I realise this is a public website and certain details could not be given out freely, but is there possibly an appointed person and adress in the public domain I could contact?
  2. I'm no expert but it would seem that your vetting is taking slightly longer than average. The general aim with guys and girls straight off the street is to get their DV squared away by the time they finish their trade training. Exactly when it is initiated these days for them I'm not sure, but if that is as early as on completion of basic training then you can see that the average time would be 6 months for the whole process.

    Reasons for the thing being drawn out might be:

    Admin fcuk up (and hey that never happens does it?).

    You might have a 'complicated' history which could cover such things as:

    Born or parents born abroad.
    Moved around a lot.
    Multiple marriages.
    Changes of name of either yourself or close family.
    Problems tracking down character referees.

    Not a comprehensive list but just some examples.
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  6. Strangelove, Good luck with your transfer. I have sent you a PM.
  7. Stragelove. Good luck with your transfer. I have sent you a PM.
  8. Strangelove, Good luck with your transfer. I have sent you a PM.
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