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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CJTCORP, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. Hey,
    So i'm 17 and i'm joining the army. I'm applying for the Int Corp because it interests me; i'm just wondering if it would be hard for someone of my age to adapt to the surroundings of the Int Corp? Also i'm sitting my BARB test is there a certain score i should beat? Thanks alot.. First post by the way :)
  2. Check out the Int Corps forum and look in the "Int Corps recruiting and familiarisation" thread, Its got all the answers you need.
  3. Thanks i didn't see that thread :oops:
  4. And it's a fecking CORPS not a corp!!!! :twisted:
  5. What a fucking cunt. :wink:
  6. Yes there is one BARB score you will struggle to beat. In fact, you will need to be a genius. You may find the RAF Intelligence Branch both more demanding, and intellectually more rewarding.

    You could try posting when you are not at work, it might help your case with Glasgow

    Is that you again Pickledjelly?
  7. A trifle harsh, after all he did have the balls to admit not seeing the thread.

  8. That has to rank pretty high up in the stupidest things you've ever said. Join the RAF Int branch and experience what its like to work in a charisma vacuum with people you wouldn't trust with firearms.

  9. Wah-ha-ha-ha, so true, so true! :D
  10. Yeah you could even be a fat SAC when you're 38, imagine that!
  11. CR? Is that you? Hello, CR?
  12. I know, but if he can cope with that then he's in Corps already!

    Check all the valid advice above (minus ADASTRA's input) 'cos if you ever get involved in RAFINT (that doesn't exist BTW) you will be a SAC/CPL for millennia and will leave the Service with, IMHO, a feeling of time has passed you by.

    As pointed out as well, we are the Int Corps and it's usually the form to get it right! All the best.

    (Happy New Year BTW Reb and all the best).
  14. Be vewwy qwiet... I'm hunting wabbit. ;)
  15. I'm sorry i seem to have got mislead, i was lead to believe this forum was for information and advice; yet you insult me; someone who hasn't ever been in the army before let alone used this site. Some of you need to get off your high horse and think back to when you new nothing and wanted to join.

    So much for Morale.