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On the hunt for a copy of a set for the SAA(short)course at Basingbourn (?)
am on it at the end of the month and no sign of any, doesn't have to be a set for this particular course, just for the course at that location.

No point asking our (RTC) SAA wing as they didn't give us any for the M Qual course and we're only about 20metres away!

Ta much in advance
We're(51) are running the last w/e of the last course this w/e! mad I know just two courses to cater for the requirement before tagging it on to the CMCQ(so I'm lead to believe) I would have thought that they'd(STW) would have run more there was a total of 120 vacancies for both courses, but only 48ish places in total filled for the whole of 2 Div!!


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Check your pm's.
Have thanks :x bugger! Its at Strensall and JIs are in the post! along the lines of the cheques in the post and of course I love you!
yay the JIs came through in time, so who else is going?

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