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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by machine-ladder, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. hi everyone.

    im just wondering, i have been told over the phone by the careers office im going in september to AFC harrogate but i am just wondering how long does it take to get your joining instructions threw the post and army number?

    i was told on 6th august 2007, its been nearly to weeks and need to hand my notice in but want proper confirmation.
  2. I start on 9th Sep at Pirbright and got my joining instruction in July? Maybe ring them up
  3. My mate went bassingbourn in August and got his about a month before
  4. Im going to Harrogate in september I got my ages ago
  5. I got mine yesterday mate, just ring them up and tell them.

  6. Guys is it 15 and 7 months or 15 and 9 months before the recruiters can talk to you?

    Little sister is giving it some serious thought now, and is 15.
  7. I can't remember there being a specific age for talking to potential recruits when I was a recruiter.I would advise a chat with her local recruiter asap they know intake dates for juniors and could offer advice about quals required for pecific jobs, selection process fitness training. At the very least a handfull of brochures. If she didn't want to go herself you, mum/dad could accompany her. Its not a bad lifestyle.
  8. M L were you not given this information when you enlisted?
  9. 15 years 9 months, before you can start sending off forms etc.

    i am joing on 2nd of september and have no joining forms yet.

    isit worth ringing them up lol?
  10. What do you think?
  11. At 15yrs 7mths you can begin the application process.
  12. Ta
  13. anybody be kind enough to scan there joing pack obvios blank out any details which are personel confidential etc. becaue even if i ring up monday be a while before few days before they arrive.

    thanks alot, J-J

    if you do scan them please add me on thankyou

  14. What joining pack? WTF at least spell it correct
  15. Just go into the ACIO and ask for your JI's and they will also be able to give you your Regimental No. if your that desperate to get it, dont start sending documents through to people you dont know. Your recruiter would be able to give your Regimental No. over the phone if you require it, but once the academic results are out next week you should be going in for your attestation soon anyway.