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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by RoyalEngineers, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. Okay, if you're a new recruit and you don't have any joining instructions, I think this might help you ;) Got a kit list too, I think everything on there must be a must have sort of thing :p Hope it helps, it's specificly for Lichfield but you can extract the general info from it.Joining Instructions

    Also has anyone else been to Lichfield and if so what's it like? That's where I should be going
  2. Thats some kit list..need to get myself a bigger suitcase i think.

    Went to Lichfield last Tuesday/Wednesday for selection. From what i saw of the place it looks alright, smaller than i imagined. The foods decent enough if you liked your school canteen. It's strict as aswell so don't expect a doss but thats all part of the forces i suppose.

    Hopefully starting basic there in September...Fingers crossed.
  3. from wen i was at litchfield april this year......its out dated and well like many of us know its getting closed down quite soon......but apart from that its alright there's going to be like a 100% difference between what its like while on selection or if your doing ya phase 1......

    best bet is to ask some1 whos there on phase 1 or who has finshed their's

    anyways gd luck with ya phase 1
  4. Got my joining instructions, they're wrong - apprently im luke and joining the prince of wales light division! at least the got the army number right my oath on thursday.

    About a week left for you isnt it gibbo?
  5. Not sure that publishing joining instructions on a public forum is wise do you ....
    Given the current security state!!!!!
  6. Anyone can find them anyway, i'm not sure that's wise either! :p Should be on Armynet really if you ask me :|
  7. How long before you start your basic do you normally get your joining instructions and swear your oath. :? :? :?
  8. When can you sign up to armynet I have passed selection and start basic soon. I have got the letter confirming that. Can I join now or do I wait till i enlist before I can sign up.
  9. Its been said on other threads and I myself have said it, wait untill you are issued with JI's from the ATR you're going to. If you think they've been lost in the post tell your recruiter and dont expect them too soon. Got mine not long before my start date.
  10. Where's that printed, about lichfeld closing down?
  11. I passed selection on June 5th, got my basic training date (august 12th) the next day, got my joining instructions on friday 13th July, was meant to have my oath on the 19th but now its the 26th. Thats how mines fanned out, hope its helped

  12. Yeah cheers for that, I've got my date but no instructions or anything so if I don't hear anything about a month before I go I'll give them a call. It said that Lichfield was closing on one of there training sqns website. Didn't say when it was though.
  13. Firstly Royalengineer DO NOT go putting your JI's on a forum with out the consent of your ACIO. You have a lot to learn about Army literature and what restricted/unrestricted etc material is.

    The JI's for Lichfield DO NOT match the other ATR's and the kit lists for all ATRs/AFC/ADC Bassingbourn are slightly different so when your JIs are issued follow them to the letter for an easier ride when you arrive.

    You will all recieve your JI's by your recruiter on either your Docs check or attestation and in some cases the JI's for the specific date you join will only come out a month before. If you are itching that much to get hold of them speak to your Recruiter who would be happy to give you them if there already out of show you a kit list from a previous course at the RIGHT ATR.

    To all you Potential Recruits dont start posting things on here from your recruiting office/off because if you need to know you will be given it.
  14. I wasn't issued them they were in direct view on the army website. Just thought it might help someone, and if it was restricted it shouldn't be online :p Maybe it's an example
  15. Im not saying they are restricted just that you shouldnt put anything on that you know nothing about. The CORRECT ones will be given to the CORRECT recruits when needed by a qualified Recruiter (that is why we do the course i Bovington). What happens now when a potential recruit turns up to ATR Pirbright/ AFC Harrogate and gets ripped to bits for not having the right kit list. Its ok trying to help but dont put Sh*t on here you dont know is 100% correct and up to date the recruiter will give the correct JI's.