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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by browndog01, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. Hoping someone can help me after a major fcuk up! I start my recruits course on Saturday and have lost my joining instructions I have already filled out all the paperwork, so all i need is the kit list.

    Does anyone have a kit list for the CMSR they could email me, ideally for Lichfield, but i assume they are likely to be pretty much the same across all 3 ATRs.

    Thanks! :oops:
  2. Good start - a star in the making! :oops:
  3. swallow you pride and / or fear and phone your coy office straight way. They will have the original of your joining instructions. If not they can get some more faxed through from the ATR.
    Do it now and give yourself one less thing to worry about...
  4. Yeah, I've had better days!

    Dont suppose you still got the kitlist from your course? They way i figure it as long as i turn up with the right kit, no harm no foul!

    Obviously i'm gonna take all the kit i've been issued, its the other stuff i'm worried about. For example, i remember the list said take padlocks, i figure there has got to be other stuff like that that may not be obvious unless you've been there before!
  5. You need all the kit that has been issued to you, PE kit, boot cleaning kit, knife and fork, pen knife, red torch, pen and paper, plastic bags, lots of fags to keep you instructors happy, and a fcuking good sense of humour.

    Think that’s about it.
  6. on the padlock front take two that use the same key - these can be bought at any locksmiths - and make sure they are for medium use - not the ones you see on a suitcase or ones big enough to lock up a Warrior coz it won't fit. You can give one spare to your course SNCO or admin guy and still have a few spares for yourself ( one kept sellotaped in the back of your notebook, one in your pocket, one given to a trusted friend, etc) - that should cover all eventualities. believe me - the keys do go missing.

    Next Question!
  7. For Lichfield:

    JI Covering Letter
    CO's Efficiency Cert
    Kit List

    Say hi to the quarry for me, and enjoy your "endurance" training. If you have time (you shouldn't, heh) get yourself in the salvation army place on your time off and post your experiences on here, as they happen-or just watch some movies. It's probably better than the NAAFI since ATRA(L) CMS(R)(TA) is normally a dry course, until late in the last week.
  8. What's the quary? and what does "endurance training" involve? Sounds fun! 8O
  9. I don't want to say too much sine you might go there, but you might not.

    CMS(R) is all about putting the effort in, some training teams may do things differently, but you'll learn plenty.

    Stinging nettles on the training area are a pain during cam & concealment/pairs fire manouver but then they're everywhere so should get used to them.

    Let us know how you get on there.
  10. Dont suppose you still got the kitlist from your course? They way i figure it as long as i turn up with the right kit, no harm no foul...

    No, it was 16 years ago. U'd look a right twat with an SLR cleaning kit and black "daps".

    Come to think of it so did I...
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  11. my ex wife threw out my old SLR cleaning kit - the start of a long rocky road to divorce!