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Joining Instructions: Bank Account Details

Fellow ARRSErs,

I've just received my joining instructions, where it explains I need to bring with me:

"Bank Account details (not Building Society Account)" - etc, "if you wish some of your wages to be paid into other accounts... these details should also be brought".

Ok, well I have a Nationwide Flexaccount (and use it as my primary 'bank' account), and I thought this would be okay to have wages paid into. But apparently not, since technically it is a building society. Is this an example of how anally retentive the MOD pay system can be, or do they not actually care anyway (Nationwide being a bank in all other respects).

In other words, do I:
a) need to find a 'real' bank, set up a new account and be forced to have my wages paid into that
b) just give them my Nationwide details and hope they don't notice/care
c) take both details and ask them to pay it into my Nationwide account rather than my bank account

Thanks for your time


I gave them my Halifax Account Details when i joined up and that didnt cause a drama. Phone your AFCO and ask
Nationwide are fine, they have similar systems to your standard high street bank (i.e. Natwest). It is building societies like Skipton BS that don't have the facilities to handle direct debits and payments from employers. I'm a systems engineer at one of the major banks and this comes up regularly.
It say Bank details and not Building society as Building societies DIDNT used to issue Bank cards for Cashpoints!!!
Nothing to do with **** retentiveness at all

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