Joining infantry while at college?

Hi all, first post, so go easy

I'm currently at college doing a few a-levels, I've finished my first year and (grades depending - get them in august) I'll be returning next year to finish them. Problem being, I'm keen to get stuck into the army, I only stayed on at school so as I didn't have to go on the dole as quick!

I've done a bit of research and it seems to me that phase 1 training is during weekends, after that it's really just a parade night every week, training weekend every few weeks & a 15 day training camp once a year (like cadets but with body armour :eye:) and deployment, but by the time I'm eligible I'll be long out of school

I will of course be talking to my careers teacher who could tell me if I could pull it off but won't be able to until october

I don't want to say much about what school or reg. as where I live there are a fair few leprichan-loving shooters about

Hope I haven't missed anything I wanted to say, look forward to replies
and your question is.................waht (emphasis on the wah ) exactly ? hmmmm ?
I was in the TA whilst at 6th Form although that was in 1986. I sacked my A-levels and went Regular shortly after TA basic training.

The only problem you may have is commitment when revision time comes along.


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i did. As long as you are over 17 and a bit they will accept you.

Adult head on now. Make sure you take priorities on board. I joined in my second year of a levels and instead of revising i got stuck properly into ta. Result was 3 failed a levels and 2 wasted years. In hindsight... Actually would prob do the same but take the point ok?
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