Joining in current climate

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by acheekymonkeyuk, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. I am just about to hand in my form to start application proccess. With all these cuts to training being done how will that affect the process. Or would i be better waiting the 6months till over
  2. get the paperework In It will give the penpushers at Glasgow something to do for the next six months. Start your Phase 1 Training in April with the rest.

    Simples :D
  3. Paid recruit training is catered for for the rest of the financial year. RTCs will still operate. Start your paperwork now (it takes some time anyway).

    And good luck.
  4. Not sure that's 100% across the board. Maybe it's specific to different Brigades but I was told last night that our RTC will be doing no more training weekends this financial year. I realise this doesn't line up with what appears to be the written official line but it's definitely the stance my unit / Regiment are taking. I've only just come out of selection and will still be doing a small amount of training at the TAC but nothing at RTC until next spring when I've been told Recruit training weekends will start again. I'm not too bothered having reflected on it. Will wait until things sort themselves out. Glad I decided to join up regardless of current 'climate'.

    That said, I agree with other posters....Go for it now as it will take a few months to get the paperwork sorted out and through your selection weekend.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    This really hurts, but my recommendation is that you find something else until the MTD situation is clarified in April next year.


    P.S. There is no guarantee that whatever is said in April will remain extant in August. We learned this from bitter experience this year.
  6. Are you glad to be back,MSR? :lol:
  7. Ops what RTC are you talking about? Ours has stopped everything less the Initial Training Wing, we're still training recruits (SUT).
  8. Thanks alot for all the info guys, Just think the government have shot themselves in the foot with this one,
    Total disgrace, One Army my arrse
  9. Your not even in yet cheeser, you'll have plenty of time to plagiarise statements, de-cry the 'damned regulars' and start crying on internet forums.
  10. i completely understand his concerns, im due to go to ADSC glencorse next wednesday and was told by the SM at my AFCO a couple of weeks ago that so long as i pass ADSC ill be away to ITC for the next available intake on the 24th of jan 2010. he checked on the computer for me when at int 3. but now with all this moronic stuff going on with cuts in army recruiting ect i am somewhat worried that this may effect me. will this effect me for january and will have to wait till april like a lot of others? i am wanting to join royal regiment of scotland, 1 scots. any shed of light on this would be appreciated. i just dont know if it will effect me due to job choice, where im at with my application and current demand in infantry. thanks in advance john
  11. I would bet money that as Infantry you wouldn't be effected. The memo stated that pinch-point trades wouldn't be cut back and while I'm not sure if you technically fall under that, Infantry has always been an recruiting priority.

    That said I could be wrong.
  12. I have passed selection for raf regt reserve but I have been told training has been suspended until new year I have tried at other squadrons but got the same answer.

    The only reason I went for this approach I am in my late forties I have tried local TA unit in my area bu they are not takin recruits due to current financial problems.

    A friend put me onto UK special forces reserve in a support role as they are taking on recruits.

    I have tried to contact by e-mail and phone with little success.