Joining in a month, wana go rifles!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by AlBrowning, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. I'm on the list to join the REME as a VM very soon, i've got my start date for Phase 1 training on the 26th o feb.

    Only problem is I want to join the Rifles and be a full time soldier.

    Basically I put my name down to join the REME instead of Infantry to keep my parents happy 'cause they didn't like the Rifles idea too much, but being this close to leaving I realised if I join the REME i'll end up looking at the infantry lads gettin stuck in and wishing I was part of it.

    I picked VM as a trade cause I like to mess about with cars, but i can't see myself doin it for the rest of my life. I know I could be a damn good soldier if I go Rifles and It's what I want to spend the best part of my life doing.

    Is it too late to go to my recruiter and ask to be moved to Infantry? Will my date get put back? Please help!
  2. Why ask it here? go and talk to your recruiter you arent signed to join until you actually start basic
  3. yeh gd point i'll go in 2morow i rekon
  4. Poor attempt at a wah. And just a tad boring too.
  5. Are the "Wanago Rifles" an aussie regiment? Or perhaps Canadian Native unit? Never heard of them. Best of luck, though.
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  6. mounted kangaroo division :p
  7. Wah
  8. Not sure you're meant for the rifles based on your post... You chose REME simply because your parents didn't like the rifles? Infantry have to be strong-minded and dedicated, rather than being swayed by the preference of the few people in life who would probably support you no matter what you did.

    Good luck either way.
  9. No, that's the Wedonwamim Light Horse you're thinking of.
  10. nah i'm meant for the rifles mate that's why im joining em :)
  11. Then why did you choose REME VM? Have been to the careers office and spoken to your recruiter yet?
  12. chose VM cause cause I got a little exp with cars and was basically persuaded to join it (my bad) then realised no I want to join rifles.
  13. Not answered my other question, have you spoken to your recruiter and has he said it is possible change to the Rifles?
  14. If you don't do wot YOU want............then you will regret it later. Go and see the army careers office, and get your application changed to the rifles.

    Your the guy who has to do the job..........not anyone else
  15. No i havn't. I'm writing down what i want to say to the recruiter first so i can go in with concrete reasons, instead of going in and being like "uhahh..". I should be able to change to the Rifles because i havn't signed anything yet, fingers crossed!