Joining her Majesty's Army with an unspent criminal conviction of common assault

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Hi all,

To start I've been reading alot of hostile comments etc towards people on here with questions similar to mine. Similar being the word and aren't specific enough to answer my own question, so appologies for clogging up the site. So before I go into any sort of detail about the situation I will first state that this is a Common Assault conviction by beating. It was on my female ex partner, however, what the police were told and what actually happened were two very, very different things. However I accepted the charge as I thought me and my ex would have some hope of getting back together if I did so.. we didn't. I did grab her by the throat (that I'm not hiding, I'm disgusted at myself for doing it) but the mitigating circumstances may be i (and I know there is never any reason, but mitigating being my meaning that I'm no tsome violent woman beater who beats his gf's when his bacon sanwhich isn't prepared correctly ... lol) so the circumstances of the night was this; we were arguing on valentines day for around two hours, after she had told me we were breaking up, I was trying to conviocnce her otherwise, I was very upset .. etc etc crying like a wee bit of a girl (shw wasnt bothered at all how ever.. meh) anyway so after a further half an hour or so ( iwasnt checking my watch all the time btw lol) we sat on the bed.. and to cut to the chase she called me a mess tore my valentines card up and slapped me.. I stupidly grabbed her by the throat... but let go like 2- 3 seconds later... howver when I came back to the house some hours later (after leaving to cool down) a police van was sat in stalk mode waiting for me... I was charged with strangling her and hitting her in the stoamch three times.. ugh i hate liars (btw if I were lying to you all,, which I have no doubt someone may say something, if not sorry, but she dated me seceretly (bail conditions stopped an open relationship) and while I said I was sorry for grabbing herr by the throat she print screened this msn convo .. shwoed the police... my solicitor got iwnd of it and ssaid the charge would be the same (common assault) jsut the sentence would be different ... plus they would be unlikely to believe me after a 3 month waiit to a trial in a newton hearing..

Right so I'll get to the bit where you can jsut read if you dont want all the details of me prooving (hopefully) that im not an insane woman beater. So it's a common assault by beating... my only offence.. (1 unspent conviction) it happened two months ago .. and I've spoken to various people including two AFCO sgt's and a WO2 ... also the criminal records department office manager or something in New Hacven who makes the decisions for the army about criminal convictions... she said I should be fine, as did the AFCO staff... but the way they're assuring me is like there could be a worst case scenario.. i mean there always is the prospect of the worst case secenario.l.. but... its only common assault... so are my chances ok with this one and only charge? I know obvuiously I'll have to complete my fien etc fist but I intend on joining the Parachute Regiment (again.. hopefully) lol and its a month before my supervision order is over and I can apply and I'm going to begine training quite enduringly so I dont want it to be a waisted amount of time.. that and I'd be quipte shook by not being able to join the army again... i first tried 4 years ago but was informed I had to get rid of my ADHD for three years... it took a year to clear with my doctor and three for the army to be happy... and the month I could apply (well the month before) this popped up.. meh shouldnt have lost my tmeper anyway pleasee answer as best as you can I'm 19 and I'm very worried that if I cant apply now and I have to wait five years it may jsut be a little to late.. with regards to age etc... ( I'd like to rank up ... and I fear being quite old may prevent me from... anyway I'm babling) tahnkyou for reading and sorry for the wall o' text :p

Kind regards adn hope the days going well,

J.Kelly :)


Hmmm, history of ADHD, she ripped up a card, you lost temper and grabbed woman by the throat? Good luck with your selection interviews (if you get that far) as I suspect they will be trying to push your buttons.

Is it common assault by battery or has it been recorded as an offence of domestic violence?

You might well have to wait a while as normally unspent convictions are only permitted if the sentence and offence were 'trivial' - ie a fine or conditional discharge. Supervision order suggests court took a pretty dim view of this first offence.

My advice - get fit as ten men, come in first on all your PT tests and be a grade A candidate - then you may stand a chance - any thing less, there will be better bets than you I suspect.
It's listed on my rap sheet as common asssault by battery - (no mention of domestic assault.. unless obviously I tell them.. which I intend to ... can't stand people who hide the truth) also yes I feared they may take that view on me (ADHD) But I'm sure the army corrispondence with all the departments aren't that good are they? I mean the interview baord aren't going to have any info on past applications are they? also if they do, I'll jsut have top prove it was a one off misstake .. which it was) thanks for your help ! :)
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