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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dom1983, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. I've applied to join the Int Corps and have my selection this week. I was told that after RSC i would have to attend Chicksands to take part in a kind of selection course, interview etc. However at my brief prior to RSC my recruiter seems to think that this has been scrapped fairly recently and if i pass selection at Lichfield then he will be able to get me a date for phase 1 training.

    Can anyone clarify this? after passing selection will i be getting a date for phase 1. I find this difficult to believe, surely i will need some type of trainability testing and seurity checking to work in this type of job. cheers for any help guys
  2. Another one fails to look at the stickies, or even do any form of basic research..........
  3. You sound surprised..... :roll:
  4. We recruiting from the arts these days?? and I just love that 'trainability'!!! Sounds perfect for the Corps. A perfect recruit for the Bullsh*t bingo team!!!
  5. yeah, cheers for that lads! another great bunch of replies as usual on this site.

    why bother posting if you cant answer my question, if what im asking is true then your stickies are slightly out of date as the recruiters seem to think this a fairly recent change.

    of course i did some research you arse, exactly why im trying to get what ive been told clarified
  6. If you've only posted twice how come you can be so cynical about "another" great bunch of replies. The replies direct you to a board exactly tailored to your needs and all you can think of is to be rude back-top tip; the Int Corps does not much like smart arrses so watch your step at selection.
  7. I've read enough replies to peoples queries on this site to realise most of the guys would rather take the piss than actually be any help.

    For the third time my recruiter tells me that int corps selection as per the stickies. Does not actually exist any more, after RSC they get you a date for phase 1 at Winchester, im trying to find out if this is the case.
  8. oooh, somebody's tired :)

    post it in the recruiting forum if you want sensible answers. honestly - pigeons learn faster than you...
  9. Hi Dom,
    im currently in same process (had a few ass's reply to me on here too) have u had any luck finding out about whether you need to be sent to a second selection centre for Int Corp?

  10. Nowt to do with me, but surely both of you will find all this out when you get along on the process? Since you've both seemingly decided on the route you want to take, and have started it, you'll be told what you'll be doing at the next stage? Maybe you should ask your recruiter what's going to happen, afterall, they'll be the most up to date!
  11. not as yet Lu86, as far as my recruiter knows the situation changed recently and they do all of your security checks and suitability tests or whatever you want to call them during your phase 1.

    however the careers office's arent exactly known for handing out the best info, my RSC date is this week, ill no doubt find out whats next after that. ill let you know.