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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by NickE, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. Hey all!

    Just looking for some help here. I'm considering joining the British Army Infantry or Cavalry as a farrier. Is it difficult to do this from a Commonwealth country? Which is the best way to apply? I think the UK has now instituted visas for S.A citizens. Would I need a work permit/visa? :?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. There are loads of serving South Africans in the British Army at present.

    Go to

    There are quite a few on there. Ask nicely though!
  3. It's been done, there are South Africans in the British Army, but you might want to watch that Foreign Military Assistance Act :lol: it might screw you later on...I have an Irish passport as well so I'm lucky, but then I discharged thinking it wasn't what I wanted to do and now I'm debating rejoining again lmao...but I'd have to repeat alot because I discharged after 22 weeks in training(I could because I was under 18 at the time) but if you want it go for it, I'm sure you'd need a work permit plus you will probably need money/work to support yourself while here because as foreign bith takes a long time during the application, mine took a year after all the checks, security clearence and criminal record checks...and doing selection twice because they didn't let me continue as i had an old knee injury...

    I'm still getting stuff sent to me now about that foreign military act, the british still havent debated much I gather from the letters I've received(1 in training and 1 after i discharged, dunno why i was sent that) but then speaking to mbeki or in the near future maybe zuma probably doesn't get you much of anywhere it would affect my cousin who works in iraq etc so feel sorry for him...

    you know hes asking about the british army....and the south african parabats is surprisingly....a south african force my dad and cousin served in them
  4. dont worry about the foreign military act.... they're pissing in the wind on that one.

    best advice... contact a recrtuitment office via email. They'll set you up with dates etc. They are very familiar with Saffas joining so will be able to give sound advice.

    Most likely route will be that they sort you an interview date and provisionally book you in for training, all within a 3 to 4 week window.

    You can enter the UK on a South African passport without a visa for a max of 30 days. The MOD / Recruiters / Training Establishment will send you passport off to the Home Office where they will stamp your passport to allow you un-restricted access to the UK whilst you're in the Forces....

    Don't worry about the South African government and the various Bills they are threatening to enact... grow a thick skin and don't let the British humour catch you out.... Saffa's always take about 2 years to learn to have the piss taken out.. and then another 2 to start giving it back...

    No doubt you'll be called K@ffir like the rest... good times! Enjoy and Good Luck!
  5. Hey boet,

    Im also a Saffa and joining the British army. What I did is I e-mailed the regiment I want to join ( Royal Regiment of Scotland and my 2nd choice Queens Dragoon Guards ) and all has been sorted with RRS.

  6. As many have said so far, there are loads of South Africans in the British Army. Getting in should not be much of a problem. However getting in as a farrier might. As I understand it, it has a very looong waiting list.
  7. You poor sod! How is a saffa going to manage surrounded by Fijians? ;)
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