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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by M16ColtCommando, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. I'm currently in the process of of joining the army. I've sent my requisition for application forms and received the following letter:

    Dear Mr.M16 Colt Commando
    Thank you for your blah blah blah.
    Another pre-selection visit to Fiji is proposed in 2009, but the date has not yet been determined. Your details have been entered on to our database, additional paper work and a letter inviting you to attend an interview in Fiji will be sent to you in due course by the Overseas Pre-selection Team (OPT).
    If you are selected for enlistment in Fiji, the OPT will advise you of your job choices and the date you are required to travel to the UK. You will not require a sponsor or accommodation. You will arrive in the UK and go straight to a Recruit Selection Centre.
    However travel costs to the UK are at your own expense.

    yours sincerely.....

    my question is: does Phase 1 training begin at the RSC or will my fitness and medical still be examined?
  2. when i did selection mate, there were some fijians there, as far as i know i dont think you start your phase 1 there you are examined as with the rest of the british guys and girls. i hope, for your wallets sake, that you dont have to go back to fiji before you begin phase 1! they will probably keep you at the RSC for a while before moving you to your training depot. hope this helps mate, just out of curiosity what regt./corps are you planning on joining? i enjoyed seeing you lot kick 7 shades of sh*te out of a lot of teams during the rugby by the way!
    all the best mate, hope this helps
  3. when i done selection there were fijians there and the ones who passed went straight to catterick. ( very jelous i was:) )
  4. Thanks for that mate... i think it would be more logical for the recruiters to have the 1.5 miler and other fitness tests here in Fiji. I have no effing idea where im going to pull the $3000 for the ticket up there out of. And if by some great **** up i don't make the grade in england i couldn't live with myself.
    I'm looking to join the light infantry 4Rifles formerly 2RGJ. And then once i've served my time in hell ill try to transfer to the Engineers as I've already got my HVACR trade certificate.
    And rugby is in our veins. The secret to success is playing touch rugby every afternoon for every day of your life.
    Once again thank you.
  5. Alright bro thanks for that... were there any Fijians that didnt pass and do you know what happen to them? its really do or die for me now, luckily i have 6 months to prepare
  6. Why don't you ask around the islands? There are loads of Fijians in the system, loads in training - they all have family at home and must tell them what is going on.

    As for not passing the tests in the UK, if you know what the tests are, then you can do them in your own time to prepare. That way you wont be worrying about it coming over, streesing yourself out and potentially hampering your own performance as a result.

    Also why Rifles then a transfer? What do you hope to gain from the Rifles that you don't think you'll gain from the Engineers in the first instance, but will later? The Engineers, as their motto alludes to (I'll let you look it up and work it out), are in all theatres and can get some pretty cool front line jobs. Have a think - the entry requirements might be very different and the career more rewarding one way or the other.
  7. the guys that go up are usually trained first with the fiji army.
    i dont really hang out with them, and it seems like a pretty straight forward question that no one on here can really put a finger on.

    yes im not a complete git... just a fan of Murphys Law.
    England isn't exactly across the street from where i stay.

    IMHO the infantry is the true essence of the army and everything else carries them to and from the battle. If someone were to ask what i did in the army id like to say i fought. Unless you think that the role of the infantry has changed in recent conflicts., hopefully not cause then we'd have to change topics. :roll:
  8. You're pretty necky for someone who isn't even in country yet, let alone in the Army!

    I was merely trying to be helpful - perhaps the reason no-one has answered is that they don't know why your recruiter is making you jump through hoops. Maybe you got on his teets with your backchat? You could ask him your question though - he should know the answer.

    Yes the Army is founded around an infantry "backbone", but it is pretty naive to think that you wont be near the action in other Regiments/Corps. Alot of other capbadges re-role (gunners for instance) to deploy on ops and if your end aspiration is to be an engineer then they are certainly everywhere everyone in the Army is. To merely think of the other capbadges as facilitators for the infantry is short sighted. more than just carrying the infantry to battle, it is more pertinent to assume that other arms give the infantry their battle winning capability - armour, artillery, aviation, engineers.

    It is also contentious to assume that because you are infantry, you will "fight" and that no-one else will be. Maybe your chosen battalion wont deploy for a while, maybe their role will change as the theatre and operating environment does. It is dangerously close to the cliched US mentality of "MUST KILL ENEMY" to say you are joining the infantry first to fight, then taking (presumably as you see it) a back seat in the engineers later.
  9. Dont say that around tankie types they make take slight offence

  10. yes because 72 tonnes of armour and a 120mm is used 'specifically' to carry the infantry around....fine as those lads are
  11. ok im sorry if i stepped on any tank mans toes... actually i want to join the infantry because you specialise in the trade of soldiering, where its just you and nature and the enemy and you have to have confidence in yourself and use your wits to turn the tables. and im too tall to fit into a can anyway.
    The relationship between all the arms is symbiotic but ive read that any army is only as good as its foot soldiers.
    For example 72 tonnes of armour and a 120mm cannon is not very effective in the jungles or tight alley ways, and if the enemy doesnt have tanks you're really punching above your weight.
    Cheers to everyone whos trying to help and sorry again if i come across as a smart arrse.
  12. Hey django_strikes thanks for trying to help. I've put a lot of thought into where I'd like to be and that's the way i want to go. I've only sent a pre scripted letter to the recruiting office and above is the response. I know its not so important but my nerves are a bit on edge about all the details as I've left my job and started training full time.
    I have not served in the Army but I have the utmost respect for all the servicemen. Now all i have to do is lose my stupid civilian swagger and join the ranks.
  13. true indeed, all the more reason to blow the alleyway to bits then drive through it
  14. Nice comeback!! :wink:
  15. Dry your eyes mate.