Joining from overseas?

Alright I've done a search, and this is the only thread I found so far:

They have the same unanswered questions too, so I'm hoping you guys could help.. plus some of my own !

Is there only the 14-day 'oversea cell' security check ? I read on the main site that I would possibly have to live in the UK for up to a year before my application would get processed, but I've read nowhere on any forums of anybody doing this. I was only able to find that thread (I wouldn't be applying as officer).

Also, my father was born and rasied in the UK.. I know that warrants me some ability to work there ... or something like that. Does it apply to military at all?

I also need some help on deciding which would be best for me to join. I know I would like to choose infantry, and I'd also like to be put on active duty shortly after completeing my training. Being away from home for long amounts of time is fine.

But I've literally searched and read every inch of the site already
I mentioned what you linked in my original post.
All I want to do is make sure it's either 1 yr or 2 weeks i'd be staying in the UK prior to joining.
I know the main site says 1 yr, but that looks like it's the 'up to' date.
As suggested previously go to the website and follow the link to have an on-line conversation with a recruiter. Residency rules in the UK differ depending on the job you might want to do. Processing your application may take a while, especially if the trade that you want to do does not have any vacancies (there are some believe it or not) thus the 12 months mentioned on the site. Some trades will be able to accept you sooner than others. Whilst the Strand office is the usual port of call for non-Brits you can apply through any office. Good luck big fella.

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