Joining From Overseas, Help

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by melgibson, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. Hey fellow arse members, I am an australian and im thinking about joing the UK army either instead of or after the Australian Army, however i understand to join from overseas you need to have a UK based sponsor. I dont. Can someone please share some advice on whta to do or if it is pointless to try without a sponsor.
  2. MG, welcome.
    Can't advise you on the sponsorship thing, but if you want to crack on on ARRSE, expect a bit of incoming fire over your choice of name!
    Good luck.
  3. Mate – I’ve just transferred from the British Inf into the RAInf. You do need sponsorship if you’re looking to go across as an Officer. You’ll need to touch base with the relevant Regimental HQ and they’ll knock up all the paperwork. No obligation either way though.
    Which corps are you looking at? Websites are pretty handy.
    Oh – and yes, change the name!!
  4. Wecome, Good luck and yes change the name
  5. i like mel as an actor and used his name as mine on various forum sites before the....incident but ok thanks for the heads up. I dont know what corps or anything just on the british armys website and information brochures ive received from them it says must have a UK based sponsor so i think im kinda stuck without one
  6. But you can get one if you approach them. Are you looking at Offr or Sldr entry?
  7. just soldier not officer
  8. Righto, then you don't need sponosorship as far as I'm aware. There's stacks of Aussies & other commonwealth nation blokes in the British Army these days. Why not join the Australian Army? There's plenty going on at the moment, units in Iraq, Afgan, Timor, Solomons etc. The gov will pledge $1Billion in May to the ADF.

    That said, if it's a regimental life you're after then go for it in England - you'll have more of a life. Best bet is to get over there and join the same way as everyone else does - off the street or at a careers convention.

    Apologies if I'm being disloyal to BIG BROTHER!! Just trying to help a young lad out!
  9. Thanks ozduke! im probably join the Australin and then after try the british army
  10. thanks dudes!
  11. I am not a dude.
  12. sorry. i meant like just as something you say like you can walk up to girls and say "hey guys" i meant it like that sorry anyway