joining from commonwealth? advice pls

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by dilshan, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. Okay, I am from Sri Lanka and wish to join the British army as a soldier.
    I am currently in my 2nd year of BSc computing, British university

    I always wanted to wear a uniform and hate office jobs. However my goal is to join the FFL someday.. i hope i'd get a better chance of joining them after a period of service in the British army.

    So please enlighten me on the chances i would have... Would I have any advantage with my DipHE(BSc 2nd year..) CCNA and CCNP? Or would it be better if i come with my degree?
    Physically I am well fit i think with a little bit of belly fat which i am going to get rid of lol. Although I can not swim :D , going to learn it though

    and finally, do they pay your parents some cash if you die in the battlefield? maybe insurance or something?

    Why i don't join the SL army is that, the pay is low(ok i am not patriotic, fine), and chances are very very limited.

    Please dont hate me lol....

    thank you, have a nice day!
  2. I think that this guy can answer all of your questions:-
  3. A few questions, if I may :

    1) How long have you lived here, and are you on a British passport?
    2) What job choice/Trade are you interested in, in the British Army? (Some are A-Level/Degree dependant)
    3) You will have some kind of insurance, but you'd have to discuss that with someone once you're in the army (you're right, this isn't a question)
    4) Have you spoken to an Army Recruitment Officer yet?

    If not, I would strongly suggest it.
  4. The army do not discourage people like you joining, just because of your original nationality doesnt mean you will have less chance than anyone else, unless you cant speak english of course! As for your qualification, if your joining up as an infantry soldier you dont need anything at all!
    Seems to me your joining the army for the wrong reasons and your heart is not fully set on it, as for your parents getting money if you die on the battlefield, this shouldnt even be a question!

    Anyway good luck on your application
  5. oh thanks all,

    no i hvnt even been to UK ever
    ***infantry soldier, communication, networking, , IT are the interested trades***

    i wonder why i was told that i have wrong intentions on joining.. my intention is to get experience and then join the FFL.. any army in this world would be fine.. but UK has a better salary ;).. but salary is not the reason at all

    i feel dumb about asking the insurance related question.. my regrets


    oh by the way, i ordered the information pack some days before, should receive it next week
  6. they tirrrkk errrr JERRRBBSS!!
  7. No need Joker, L_N has finally recieved a date so I don't think he'll have much more to say ;-)
  8. Have a look at the C.S Engineer trade in the Royal Corps of Signals.. Whatever your choice, finish your degree first.
  9. totally agreed
  10. Forgive my ignorance, but why not just apply directly for the FFL, if that's what you REALLY want?

    Also, the information pack has no more than what you will find on the Army Jobs website. Calling and discussing your options with a recruitment officer would garner you with far more useful information.
  11. ^ ^ ^ What S_G said? If you want to go FFL, go for it mate :thumright:
  12. Keep it in the NAAFI. Potential recruits don't need to see dribble when asking serious questions here!
  13. The what? :)
  14. shhhhh... I was monged for a few:)
  15. Selection for the frogs isn't exactly hard if you are fit, hardest thing they will throw at you is the bleep test plus without the huge ******* wait to get in you can expect from the british army and that you really want to join the monkeys anyway maybe you should just get your arse in gear and do what you really want to.