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I realize the MoDs in a bit of a pinch these days and the overseas cell is currently closed, but this questions more for down the road. Anyways, was in England 2 years ago, tried joining the Grenadiers but the time limit was too long and moved back to Canada where I enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy (For the record, I am a dual British/Canadian citizen). I have three years left on my contract, and am getting my bachelor's degree while I'm in. Anyways, I'd like to go back to the UK and realize my dream of serving in the British Army and now want to do it as an Officer. Now, my question relates to the residency requirements. According to the website , a British citizen of the Nationality Act of 1981 is eligible to become an officer, but a citizen of a Commonwealth country has to have lived in the UK for at least 5 years...I qualify under both categories, so do I or do I not have to fulfill the residency requirement?

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I'm british with canadian citizenship and i lived in aus for years before applying.
The rule of thumb is 5 years, but I applied after 2 years and there wasn't an issue as they were happy to apply a residency waiver for me.
Shouldn't be a bother for you either. Though I'm sure a couple of years residency won't go amiss.

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